A private museum of eclectic charm and avant-garde art

Mixing and matching old and new, modern and vintage, boldness and pureness, The Green House invites you to experience a playful and original home designed with lots of character and style.


Artistic, vibrant and contemporary, the apartment’s decor created with an unvarnished sense of liberty, adds to the apartment’s engaging profile and helps the space find its unique rhythm.

Located in the trendy district of Bastille-Marais, this stylish and comfortable 115 m2 duplex apartment offers 3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms and toilets and a spacious and sunbathed living room broken into a few thematic corners.


Designed with ample open space and natural light in mind, The Green House’s rooms feel airy and expansive. Because of their openness, they are especially fit to incorporate art and other decorative accents such as the abstract and edgy paintings which adorn the lounge’s white walls and add drama to the space by creating a genuine gallery-style feeling.


The Green House’s ground floor is ample enough to host Bedroom 1 and 2, a bathroom with shower and toilet, the dining room and the lounge.

Breaking the furnishings into groupings to help divide the sitting room into separate thematic niches gives you the opportunity to choose your spot, be it the sophisticated library corner or the chill-out zone with the soft red sofa and the indigo vintage chairs.


Moderating outlandish pieces, such as the lounge’s wildlife animal rug, with simple, classic furnishings, like the vintage scarlet sofa, sparkles an engaging mix without watering down the space’s eccentric charm.


With an access to the patio, the second bedroom, located on the ground floor, offers a posh and exotic journey into the wild thanks to its décor of African masks, zebra bed covers and a stack of creatively mismatched suitcases offering a glimpse into the world of the global traveler.

The white staircase connecting the ground floor with the lower level takes you to the kitchen with the eating area and bedroom number three.


Probably the artsiest of them all, the third bedroom has a lot happening, starting with the challenging baby portraits displayed on a radically vintage, attention-stealing white brick wall.


Combining sassy stripes with idiosyncratic portraits, the artworks present in the kitchen enliven the space with a sense of color and energy without visually overwhelming it.


Rooted in the now, The Green House is one contemporary and innovative home bold enough to showcase a décor based on compelling contrasts and creative parallels.

Its jazzed up setting and fresh interiors sparkle with a particular kind of artistic energy meant to stimulate the stay of any bold aesthete who has chosen the apartment as their creative Parisian headquarters.


The artistic laboratory of The Green House is a fit match for those imaginative souls in quest for the Holy Grail of Inspiration…

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