Opt for a free game of pétanque in Montmartre

A symbol of the holidays, pétanque was born over a hundred years ago in the Southeast of France.


Especially conducive to the spirit of summer, today it is still a widely popular game open to everyone in Paris.

Not requiring any specific physical condition or equipment, this uniquely French sport creates a warm and friendly atmosphere for those playing which is why it is widely appreciated and loved by many.

Petanque 2

Like every summer, this game capturing the spirit of old Provence makes life in Paris somewhat sweeter, more festive and easier to enjoy…

Even though you might not have made much progress since your last year’s tournament (provided you’ve ever played a game before), you will soon come to know that playing pétanque is really not that much about the game itself…

Petanque 3

It’s about the emotion of sharing laughs with the mates while enjoying the clink of your ice-filled Pastis glasses or smoking the occasional cigarette, aiding you to momentarily forget all of your everyday worries…

Well… Got any better plans for the summer?

A great place for venturing into a new hobby or polishing an old-forgotten skill (namely, a free game of pétanque), Montmartre’s bucolic setting provides the right frame for some free summer fun on the hill.

Petanque 4

Hidden just on top of the butte, a stone’s throw away from the poetic Alley and Castle of Mists, the peaceful and quiet square Suzanne Buisson transforms itself into the ideal terrain for a game of France’s most emblematic sport by housing a pétanque field to make locals happy…

You will know a game is on once you hear the clack of balls and the clink of glasses.

Perhaps you too would like to join the players for a glass. Or even for a game? 

Before hopping on that boat, however, you should keep in mind that the losing party traditionally buys the next round of drinks, in this case – Pastis for everyone!
So stand up to the challenge and hope to win!

Square Suzanne Buisson

Summer opening hours: from 8h to 20h30 (from 9h at weekends)

7 bis rue Girardon, 18e

Métro : Lamarck-Caulaincourt