Fancy pampering yourself with a truly graceful Easter celebration while on your festive trip to Paris?

True Grace

Studios Paris rewards you with the best holiday gift of all – residing in a stunning apartment which offers you the invaluable adventure of constantly experiencing Paris as a moveable feast.

Ideally located in the very center of the French capital and equally close to the Luxembourg Gardens, the Pantheon, the vibrant medieval Rue Mouffetard or the nearby Montparnasse district where Hemingway and the “Lost Generation” crew loved to hang out, our stylish, spacious and cozy True Grace apartment has a poetic appeal that matches the outdoor charm of its illustrious surroundings.

Located at the intersection of 5th and 6th arrondissement, True Grace offers stunning views of a stylish symmetrical square with two fountains and the “Val-de-Grâce” church.  Considered by some as capital’s best example of baroque architecture, the church’s dome is one of Paris’ skyline’s primary landmarks the sight of which you will have the pleasure to enjoy every day.


With its ample space of 80 m2, True Grace can generously accommodate up to five guests.

Furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and furniture, the apartment’s décor is a carefully chosen blend of modern and antique.

Just like in the best hotels, True Grace offers numerous upscale amenities to help you enjoy your stay to the fullest.

True Grace Salon

High speed Internet access (200Mb/s fiber optic) with Wi-Fi and 2 HDTVs with 3D glasses as well as a   VOD (Video On Demand) provide you with a working space and a family video club directly at home.

Each room is equipped with a separate volume controller for an exclusive Hi-fi experience and, what’s more, all of True Grace’s windows and ceilings are supplied with anti-noise systems for comfort.

Equipped with 2 separate toilets and a bathroom with a large bathtub and a shower corner, True Grace guarantees you a truly “zen” showering experience thanks to the professional water softener rendering the water neither too hard nor too soft… feeling in the mood to make some soap bubbles already?

For a feeling of being up in the clouds, enjoy the quietly elegant 25m2 blue master bedroom overlooking a discreet courtyard. Looking airy and light with its soft timeless aqua shades, your retreat of calm makes for a space both relaxing and inviting.

Creating a really homey and cozy atmosphere, the fully equipped 10m2 kitchen  (with dishwasher, Nespresso coffee machine, robot KitchenAid, the Tefal Actifry fryer without oil, induction hot plates, washing machine) is a piece of paradise for the amateur chef and the professional alike.


Have fun exploring this exclusive apartment in search of your own private little corner.

Some will find it by the window, while sitting on the soft throw pillows, daydreaming at the royal view of the stunning Val-de-Grâce church.

Others might discover it in the intimacy of the cozy kitchen over their first cup of home-brewed coffee…

Still others could grasp it in the originality of the idea of having a comfy office space in the tranquility of the water-shaded bedroom…

But wherever your treasure trove may be, you won’t fail to breathe in the magic of True Grace, a place radiating the divine energy of its refined historic surroundings…

Please check True Grace’s availability on our website: http://www.paris-apartment-rent.com/True-Grace.html