Celebrate the arrival of spring in Montmartre’s historic “La Maison Rose”


With the trees finally into leaf now, we all feel the urge to make up for lost time and forget about the weeks of endless rain, cloudy skies and unfriendly weather we have been tolerating for so long…

One of the best ways to declare war on winter (and to invite spring for breakfast!) is to add some colour to our life!

Rosy pink, one of springtime’s indubitable favorites, comes first to mind when we wish to perk up our day and make it more energetic, vibrant and bright.

And to complete the seasonal equation, let’s try adding the colour pink to a fresh morning walk through the cobbled streets of Montmartre until your steps mysteriously take you to…   La Maison Rose!

Just like a spring flower having freshly sprouted above the ground, this charming little restaurant with a distinctive rosy colour which makes it impossible not to notice, can well become your personal celebration of spring on the hill!

Situated just north of the crowded Place du Tertre, this relic of Montmartre’s golden days frequented by Picasso and Gertrude Stein is a vestige of the fin de siècle.

Stopping by for a glass of rosé would certainly make you feel initiated to the artistic past of the area, even if in a small way.

All the more so when knowing that this quintessential Montmartre bistro had once lured painter Utrillo to capture its perky spirit and immortalize it forever in one of his paintings now proudly exhibited in San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art.

Today this “très coquet” abode located in a rosy pink house on the corner of two streets is the perfect spot to hang out and enjoy the more invisible part of the hill, dotted with winding streets, ivy walls and even a vineyard!

Ideal for daydreaming, cozying up with a book, planning the rest of your day with a map or sharing romantic glances over the rim of your glass, La Maison Rose is your invitation to discovering the “Parisian village” against the flow. What adds to the charm, is the café’s romantic terrace, which permits you to discover the real Montmartre off the beaten track and in an exclusively pastoral setting.

Discovering one of Montmartre’s cozy little secrets, a stop at the Maison Rose will help you experience the genuine Montmartre, with a decidedly less touristic feel, but all the more dreamy for it.

The ideal spot for an aperitif as the sun sets or for a café crème in the rosy afternoon, this is the place to visit if you want to rejoice in the fact of being in Paris, Montmartre, during the spring when everything is beautiful and budding with life…