Studios Paris’ private villas in the hearty Apulia region

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Enthused by the spirit of spring, a season all about new beginnings, the team of Studios Paris has chosen to venture into a brand new enterprise of its own as well!

With the launch of our latest project – the construction of two private twin villas to be erected in Italy’s historic and authentic region of Apulia – we are just about to add another appealing asset to our list of already attractive rental possibilities.

A challenge in itself, the project of designing and building a celebrity getaway resort outside of France is the first investment of its kind for Studios Paris – and a precursor to analogous business developments in the future.

Based near Manduria, 2 kilometers from the sea, the construction project envisages the building of two twin villas erected in the middle of 3 hectares of olive groves – an unbeatable recreational resort providing the greatest lux of getting away from it all!

Located somewhere between the heavenly scented olive groves and the blue infinity of the Ionian sea (boasting some of the wildest and loneliest beaches in the world), your future “villa privata” promises to be the ideal place for a romantic or creative break away from it all…

For a genuine re-enactment of the famous “big Italian family” picture, you could rent both villas together for a double portion of laughter, good mood and summer fun!

Enjoy a truly authentic slice of Apulia’s life with our holiday villas resplendent with rustic charm.

Using your ideally located holiday home as your journey’s starting point, you can have the magic of Italy all to yourself.

Start your discoveries with Manduria and its magical local well mentioned by Pliny the Elder as far back as the 1st century AD. Named after the Roman historian, the well (whose volume never changed no matter how much water was taken out of it) can still be seen today exactly as described some 2,000 years ago, with an almond tree rising out of its center…


The wide range of exciting things to do in Apulia provides some fascinating possibilities for memorable day-trips away from your holiday villa as well. Visit Lecce, rightfully named “the Florence of baroque” (50 km away) or some of the other baroque villages like Oria (10km away) or go to the other side of the ‘heel’ to Monopoli. Explore the great port city and the labyrinthine old town of Bari (142 km away) or marvel at the enigmatic trulli of Alberobello (Unesco-protected cylindrical peasant stone houses with conical roofs) located some mere 67 km away from your Italian home. You may also simply choose to enjoy your 3 hectar private garden which features an original yet fully renovated ‘Trullo’ that you may use as an additional guesthouse.

For a short break rich in experiences and friendly encounters, take a short drive through Apulia’s charming authentic villages, drive past its roads flanked by olive trees or head straight to its gloriously sunny beaches.

Or feel like a true local while visiting one of the numerous small-town summer festivals – with a band performing live in the local piazza and heaps of delicious local treats sold directly in the streets, nothing could be more exciting than this scene from a romantic Italian movie streaming live…

Discover our favorite parts of Italy with the Studios !