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Fly under the rainbow with our bespoke romantic helicopter tours  


With Saint Valentine’s Day approaching, Studios Paris proposes you the experience of a lifetime!

Benefit from our latest custom-made Celebrity Getaway Offer and live the life of a true celebrity with our private airplane or helicopter flights which can drop you off at a secluded paparazzi-safe destination of your choice!

With our bespoke sightseeing packages (featuring helicopter landing on private runway, no paparazzi  and no undue publicity), you can discover places you could never find in any advertisement or simply experience the freedom of being in the air and enjoying the romance of a unique private helicopter ride for two!

Blending adventure and marvelous views to last a lifetime, Studios Paris concocts the perfect flight package for your special day as a couple.

After passing over all kinds of scenic beauties and getting up intimate with the world from above, who knows, you might even get courageous enough to pop the question?

Reach for the sky with this perfect private romantic getaway for two and let us fly you to the Moon or beyond!

What makes this unique experience even more exceptional is that the planet’s most qualified pilot, the legendary Michel Anglade, will be one of Studios Paris’ honored helicopter and jet guest pilots. Having over 23 000 hours of helicopter flight experience, Anglade has been the private pilot of French President Pompidou, Thierry Sabine (the founder of The Dakar Rally) and the famous stunt director Rémi Julienne, among others. Now it is your turn to discover what it is like to explore the skies in the company of the flying legend that he is!

Highly trained, Eric Klichowski is Studios Paris’ second private airplane and helicopter pilot who can take you just anywhere in the world.  In charge of our newest Celebrity Getaway Offer, he presents all the opportunities offered by Studios Paris’ aero-transfers.

What precisely do we offer our clients in terms of Celebrity Getaway services?

With our helicopter, we can deliver a diverse selection of bespoke sightseeing packages with flexible departure times, depending on your preferences. We can organize “custom-made” flights to anywhere in the world – starting from posh Paris and royal Versailles and buzzing over the historical châteaux  of the Loire River, the sunlit valleys of the Bordeaux vineyards or the snow-covered peaks of the Alps… We can even stage the unforgettable “Tour de France”-inspired flight (which lasts a few days) and reside in some of France’s prestigious Relais & Chateaux by night.

With our plane, any flight from Paris to anywhere in Europe is possible (including drop-offs in Studios Paris’ newest celebrity resorts in Portugal, Italy and Ibiza).

How does the aero-transfer work for our celebrity destinations? 

We can organize all the transportation (taxis, cars, airport pick-ups) for our clients and then privately fly them straight to their selected destination by helicopter or plane. In some cases – should there be enough space for a safe landing – we can even land in your resort’s very own private garden!

Is there anything our clients should know before hopping on board?

First of all, do you suffer from air sickness?  Despite being an unforgettable experience, 15 hours in 3 days around France might be a really long flight time for the non-experienced flyer. Secondly, you should know that we have the right to postpone or cancel any flight for the sake of our guests’ safety. For all sensation-loving thrill-seekers, we can stage a 10-minute simulation of a combat flight (consisting of safe yet realistic physical recreation of military aircraft’s operations) which is something you’ll never forget!

 What is the benefit of flying with Studios Paris? 

Giving you the chance to experience panoramic views and admire impressive landmarks from a fresh viewpoint, a helicopter ride with Studios Paris is probably the most exciting way to live out your private fantasy of flying with your loved one to a destination of your choice!

 What is the best place to see from above for a romantic couple?

The sea coast in Brittany, the Mont Saint Michel, The Alps, France’s châteaux… When Love is in the air, it is all worth seeing!

For more information on our Celebrity Getaway Offer, please contact Eric Klichowski at http://www.paris-apartment-rent.com/contact.htm