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No Saint Valentine’s Day would be complete without a genuine and moving true love story.


The view from Million Dollar View’s terrace and the pink champagne for our clients’ first toast as an engaged couple

And we are particularly honored to tell you this one, as it took place in one of Studios Paris’ gorgeous designer apartments!

Rita, a New York actress who specializes in voice training, public speaking and interviewing skills, agreed to share this one special moment in her life when she found herself to be “lost for words” for a change!

So if you crave some fine romance, grab a box of chocolates and sink in her amusing tale to discover how she got proposed during her stay in fabulous Paris!

How did you come across Studios Paris in the first place? Did you enjoy your stay with us?

I have always loved Montmartre with its winding streets, village-like charm and incredible history.   A few years ago, I was on a trip alone and found myself wandering around la Butte and came upon the offices of Studios Paris.  I tucked away the idea of staying in an apartment in Montmartre and so just a few years later, when my boyfriend had a business trip in Paris, I joined him for a few days where we rented Million Dollar View.  With its gorgeous view of the city, this apartment couldn’t be more romantic.

How did you react when he proposed? Did you expect this?

The night of our arrival,  we took a walk through the charming streets of Montmartre when out of nowhere my boyfriend started acting just a little bit strangely…  he suddenly seemed to be obsessed with and highly critical of ill-placed garbage cans and groups of tourists of any size.  I figured it was the jet lag until he sat me down on a stone wall overlooking the steps and the beautiful city and asked me a little question to which I said “yes”.  (The strange behavior has since subsided.) The picture above is the view from our terrace and the pink champagne for our first toast as an engaged couple.

In which apartment did you stay? Was it “romantic-friendly”?

Since our marriage we have stayed at Million Dollar View every time we come to Paris and it now feels like our very own Paris home.   One of our favorite things to do is to wander the streets and find delicious things to eat.  We love to cook and so staying in an apartment is perfect for us.  Now when we stay at Million Dollar View we head down to Rue Lepic and pick up some seafood, or a quiche or some incredible Greek food from the traiteur and then bring it back to eat dinner on the terrace and watch the sun set…

What is the most unconventionally romantic thing to do in Paris?

Truly the best part of “Million Dollar View” is watching the city below.  Whether it’s with your cafe au lait in the morning or champagne at night, looking down at the graceful sloping mansard roofs and the Eiffel Tower rising in the distance you feel truly part of this magnificent city.  It is so beautiful in fact, you just may skip the Louvre and stay in all day… and you won’t even feel guilty about it!