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Kissing is a serious affair – especially in a city like Paris which abounds in marvelous kissing opportunities!

romantic paris

Feeling tempted by a movie-like kiss on the hills of Belleville? Or a peck “à la carte” in Paris’ most charming cafés?  Or a daring smack on the lips while cruising the Seine?

Don’t commit the crime to leave that special moment to chance, find the right spot for the perfect kiss with our romantic kissers’ guide of Paris!

And do try them all to see which one tastes best…

After all, that’s how the saying goes – practice makes perfect, right?

Under the bridge

Legend has it that if you make a wish under the pretty Pont Marie (also known as “the lovers’ bridge”) it is bound to come true! Once beneath this extraordinary bridge with five unique arches, follow the old tradition to kiss the person next to you, make a wish and why not seal it with another kiss? If all this caressing happens to whet your appetite, you’re in the right place to be – just go over the bridge and treat yourself to the best ice cream in town – Ile Saint Louis’ famous Berthillon!

In the middle of the square

Paris is full of little wonders and Place de Furstenberg is one such very fine example! This serenely secret square hidden in the heart of Saint Germain-des-Près’ hustle and bustle is easy to miss for the non-initiated. Meant for romantic souls, artists and insiders only, one of the tiniest squares in Paris derives its incomparable charm from its chamber theatre setting – the architectural symmetry, the paulownia trees and the enigmatic solo lamp with five lanterns all give the space this matchless and intimately theatrical ambiance needed for the staging of the perfect dialogue of love… Just wait for the final curtain to fall and share a gentle kiss with your Juliette right “behind the scenes” of Paris’ most charming square!

Restaging the classics

Meet your sweetheart in front of Hotel de Ville’s gorgeous façade to restage an eternal classic.  Renowned for his iconic 1950 photo Le baiser de l’Hôtel de ville (Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville) – a picture of a couple kissing in the dizzy streets of Paris – the legendary French photographer Robert Doisneau spent a great deal of his life shooting “ordinary” street scenes, just like this one. The extraordinary impact of this very image, however, remains in that it reminds us of how short life is, prompting us not to miss the opportunities to enjoy life, kiss your chosen one and tell them you love them. So what are you waiting for? Go have your personal remake of this grand classic instantly!

On the king’s island

Founded in tribute to Henri IV and his countless mistresses, the Square du Vert Galant owes its name to the king’s legendary womanizing which had earned him the nickname of Le Vert Galant (a literary expression describing a man chasing after women despite his advanced age). Located in the center of the capital, right under the oldest bridge in Paris (Le Pont-Neuf), this pretty little island has become a legendary spot for romantic strolls where loving couples take delight in admiring the passing boats and sink in the peaceful views of the Seine, the Louvre Museum and the romantic Pont des Arts just in front.  Being in the middle of the Seine gives you the impression of cruising on a boat which has stood still for a moment or two so you could enjoy your perfect moment and share a kiss under the dreamy shadows of the pretty weeping willow epitomizing this poetic island…

A kiss with a view

To kiss “your honey valentine” in an ultimately Parisian setting, wait for a sunny afternoon and climb up to the 9th floor of Printemps where you can alternate romantic glances, clinks of champagne glasses and kiss-sharing in front of the spectacular vistas stretching from the Eiffel Tower to the Sacré Coeur. An ideal place to stage your “private postcard” kisses with most major Parisian monuments serving as your personal romantic backdrop…

Retro kissing

Lost in the crowds or hastened by the trains, the most tender farewell kisses remain those exchanged on the railway platforms, just before the train leaves. Hiding the promise of “We will meet again”, a retro-scented kiss becomes even more romantic when the setting is right. To live the black-and-white romance of the past, share a long kiss with your beloved one on one of Montparnasse railway station platforms. The train can wait…

Gothic kissing

Those of you who get a kick out of gothic romance might want to make a pilgrimage to Père Lachaise to kiss in front of the mutual grave of love icons Heloise and Abelard. One of history’s most passionate and tender love affairs – the forbidden love of 12th century philosopher Abelard and his young and gifted student Heloise – has scandalized society back then but continues to inspire with its spiritual intimacy to this very day. Moved by their incredible story, Josephine Bonaparte ordered that Heloise and Abelard’s remains be entombed together six hundred years after their death. Today lovers from all over the world visit their tomb to celebrate the fact that the souls of the two lovers have been finally reunited.

Artistic kissing

All culture vultures can find romantic inspiration among the kissing sculptures in Rodin’s museum. For a passionate take on art history, take a hand-in-hand tour to discover what makes those hearts of stone beat in sacred unison. You can start with the iconic marble Le Baiser (The Kiss) and proceed with the fervent love confessions to be found in Adam and Eve, Paolo and Francesca, Eternal Spring or Vain Tenderness. Finally, defy Rodin by being the ephemeral artwork in his own museum and create a living sculpture with your own two loving selves entangled in a kiss!