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The board of directors of Studios Paris is proud to announce the opening of our new territories with properties in Canada, Italy and in Portugal as a logical first step in Studios Paris’ planned line of long-term expansion.

The announcement follows a strong company performance throughout 2012 and 2013, when the firm generated good revenue and built on a strong Parisian client base – a sufficient condition prompting us to expand our presence across and beyond the European region.

In this latest expression of Studios Paris’ creative endeavors,  we have discovered for you the perfect hideaways, the places untouched by tourism, the gems of no guide-book  – all the while remaining truthful to our philosophy of quality over quantity.

And while we all love Rome, Florence and Lisbon, we thought you might be charmed by that dreamy fishing village in the Algarve or the medieval town of Recanati, birthplace of poet Giacomo Leopardi and tenor Beniamino Gigli whose voice fills the enchanted piazzetta of his hometown.

“We are extremely pleased with this latest development and are delighted that our effort to launch new international territories has culminated successfully. We look forward to many years of rich and exciting aesthetic discoveries,” concludes Studios Paris’ CEO, Eva Léandre.

Coming as a natural fit for the spirit of our company, the new territories offer recreational opportunities integrating the pleasure of living, beauty and aesthetic values, all constituting an indispensable part of Studios Paris’s élan vital.

Ready to spread our company philosophy of “more than housing, an aesthetic experience” and promote our activities further across the continents, we will be happy to share with you our discoveries of unique places in the world throughout 2014.

 About Studios Paris


Founded in 2004 by Eva Léandre, Studios Paris is a unique conglomeration of sorts – a blend of a rental agency, an interior design studio and an art gallery – all under the same hat. What unites the odd feathers of this rara avis is our main goal – making life more beautiful, integrating art and aesthetics in all our projects. A partnership between architects, interior designers and professionals of the hotel business, our company allows you to benefit from the expertise of top-end hotel management while enjoying the aesthetics and intimacy of a universe of your own: your home in Paris. With some 300 “suites” scattered around the City of Lights, our “Cloud-Hotel” has a unique concept – to seek out all possible resources of inspiration in order to create an exclusive world, a shrine of creativity and imagination, an inhabitable idea for you to live in. We provide more than just housing, we give you the key to an aesthetic experience… 

For more information about our brand’s history and philosophy or further details on our newly integrated territories, please visit our website http://www.paris-apartment-rent.com/