Other than a fit moment for celebrating the Christmas spirit, December is also the best time of the year for evaluating the past and mapping the future.

We’re delighted to report that all of Studios Paris’ great achievements accomplished throughout the year have nurtured our energy to “dream big” and fostered our passion for progress, encouraging us to become an even bigger, better and stronger company in 2014.


In order to honor our improvement, we’ve prepared a short summary of the company’s most significant achievements which have positively advanced our company and have made our brand more beneficial for our current and future clients.

Read on!


2013 has been a good year for Studios Paris in terms of network expansion.

We have hosted more than 5000 happy tenants in our designer apartments, over a hundred new owners have joined our community and more than 100 hand-picked and designed new apartments for rent have become part of the Studios Paris’ growing network. Our new apartment sales department has helped many owners find exceptional pied-à-terre in Paris and numerous flats of our existing apartment park have been creatively revamped by the Studios Paris’ interior design team to the delight of their proprietors!

Company turnover has increased by 40% over 2013, not bad for a year of worldwide recession.

Playback, one of Studios' revamped apartments during 2013

Playback, one of Studios’ revamped apartments during 2013

The most exciting news, however, we’ve saved for last. The opening of new territories for the Studios’ creative endeavors with properties in Canada, Italy and in Portugal. Here again we remain faithful to our philosophy of quality over quantity: we have discovered for you the perfect hide-aways, the places untouched by tourism, the gems of no guide-book. And while we all  love Rome, Florence and Lisbon, we thought you might be interested by that dreamy fishing village in the Algarve or the medieval town of Recanati, birthplace of poet Giacomo Leopardi and tenor Beniamino Gigli whose voice fills the enchanted piazetta of his hometown. Ready to spread our company philosophy of “more than housing, an aesthetic experience” and promote our activities further across the continents, we will be happy to share with you our discoveries of unique places in the world throughout 2014.


During the year we have vastly expanded our client services, featuring fascinating new pastimes for our Parisian guests to enjoy. Ranging from the spiritual and the aesthetic to the romantic and the practical, we now offer our clients to benefit from our Private French lessons, Philosophy and Drawing classes, Honeymoon, anniversary and wedding proposal packages (enhanced by personalized photo sessions) as well as the bespoke Hairstyle and Fashion makeovers provided by our network of associate professionals.

Reinventing your style with hairstylist Fanny Morin, one of our newsly promoted client services during 2013

Reinventing your style with hairstylist Fanny Morin, one of our newsly promoted client services during 2013


During 2013, Studios Paris Art Gallery successfully promoted two new artists, the German sculptor Mechtild Kalisky and the French abstract artist Cathertine Cazau, and funded a contemporary open-air art installation introducing Jack Servoz’ remarkable portraits of rebellious artists in Montmartre’s Passage des Abbesses which sparked over 5000 followers within the first week on Instagram.

Jack Servoz recreating the Passage des Abbesses during Studios Paris' "Montmartre's Hall of Fame" project

Jack Servoz recreating the Passage des Abbesses during Studios Paris’ “Montmartre’s Hall of Fame” project


The development of the Studios Paris brand has reached new heights during the course of 2013.

We have a current number of 6 955 total newsletter subscribers as compared to the 3537 initial recipients during the first newsletter mailing in June 2012.

A participant in the Paris Golden Blog Awards, with 232 total published posts elaborating on the essence of Paris, our clients services and company philosophy, the Studios Paris’ blog serves as a dependable information database and has a well-earned reputation of an inspiring source for “all things Paris” for many people visiting or living in the City of Lights.

Finally, 2013 was also the year during which we have launched the French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, German and Italian versions of our original website http://www.paris-apartment-rent.com/


Thanks for staying with us, keep dreaming big and let’s aim for the best during 2014!