Studios Paris’ Client Services Now Going the Cute Extra Mile

Few things spell “home” more persuasively than a cute little fellow cheerfully wagging his fluffy tail upon perceiving your silhouette arrive at the doorstep.

Yet what makes this story even more interesting is that in reality this time it was the other way around.

Could the presence of one dog transform the act of renting an apartment in a foreign city into the joy of living your life in your new home? You bet!

Looks homey enough, doesn't it?

Looks homey enough, doesn’t it?

But let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Enthused by the idea to create a real “home away from home” experience for our latest guests’ wellbeing, this time Studios Paris nearly did the impossible while embarking on a truly rare mission with the code name “Four Paws”. The assignment? Helping our clients, four siblings from the Emirates who selected our apartment “Starway to Heaven” as their second home, with the very curious, endearing and unusual demand of “Getting a dog. In Paris. Period”.

A royal walk at the Champs Elysees

Isalys taking a royal walk at the Champs Elysees

Not your typical “Could you book us two tickets for the opera?” demand, but nothing would scare us when it’s for a good cause!


In integrating professional, experienced and quality pet care into our 5-star concierge services, we entered the challenge and bought a cute Caniche Royal in the South of France, managed the pet’s transportation and kenneling, reached out to handle all the veterinary and vaccine requirements, and are currently dog sitting as our client had to leave Paris for a few weeks. Our hotel manager Barbara who is a professional in Caniche Royal education has been more than happy to accommodate Isalys as a new family member much to the joy of her two excited kids.


– Our booking manager Vincent and Isalys

Our goal was to give our clients the peace of mind that their newly acquired family member is happy, secure and well taken care of. Because we know that a pet completes a family and for animal lovers “home is where your pet is”.

Following all these arrangements, seeing the reunion between cute little Isalys and his loving new family was an emotional, fulfilling and unique experience which we were so happy to have been part of.

With Isalys in front of our office

With Isalys in front of our office

After two weeks in Starway to Heaven, sinking in the views and enjoying the home cinema, with Paris at their feet and Isalys’ protective muzzle by their side, our guests wouldn’t even dream of leaving the apartment anyway. And who could blame them?

Always happy to go the extra mile if it would make our clients happy (especially when there’s a cute little pup involved), we took this amusing task to heart and once again proved that renting with Studios Paris has never been just about finding a lodging, but more about embarking on an intimate journey beyond the touristic to rediscover yourself in the intimate atmosphere of your private and personal Parisian home.

A real Parisienne: Isalys posing with the Eiffel tower

A real Parisienne: Isalys posing with the Eiffel tower