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Enter the mesmerizing world of fashion with our designer Lefteris Dotsios

Welcome to Paris, the city where Coco Channel’s little black dress, Guerlain’s poetic and luxury fragrances and the very concept of “haute couture” first saw the light.

A magnet for the best designers in the world and home to some of history’s most fashion-forward creations, Paris has dictated what the world would be wearing “next season” for centuries.

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

Hosting all major fashion events and the world’s foremost designer houses (Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Hermès), the City of Lights has remained the mainstay of fashionistas in delivering the ultimate dose of high-end fashion.

Inspired by Paris’ image of the “beauty spot on the face of the Earth”, Studios Paris have developed a new direction in their client services providing our guests with the ultimate Parisian experience – making top-notch fashion design accessible to our guests, with Lefteris Dotsios, a Greek fashion designer who offers a personalized haute couture service to our clientele.

Lefteris Dotsios

Lefteris Dotsios

A graduate of the world’s foremost fashion school, the “Ecole de la chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne”, Lefteris has gained his know-how among fashion icons such as Lagerfeld and Dior and will have his own clothing collection presented during one of the most iconic fashion events in the world – Paris Fashion Week 2014.


During Fashion Week, Paris is inundated with the most incredibly stylish people in the world. All the fashion magazines are here and everyone’s dressed to the nines. It’s like a hyper-version of the Paris you see in the movies. It’s a spectacle…

Sketches of Lefteris' designs

Sketches of Lefteris’ designs

Thanks to Lefteris’ talent and experience, our guests have the privilege to enter the ‘haute couture’ universe for a very affordable price and get a tailor-made outfit designed and sewn exclusively for them by someone who otherwise works in the teams of major ‘maisons de couture’ and as a costume designer in the movie industry. Lefteris’ internal makeover will help refine your personal style and nurture your grace, his designs allowing you to look sophisticated anytime in his multidimensional looks which make affordable and luxurious clothing.


No matter where you come from, Lefteris’ designs will make you look effortlessly chic in your new “style français” – an everyday blend of timeless glamour and careless chic.

Read more about Lefteris’ expert background and creative viewpoints in the interview below.

How did your fashion adventure begin?

Many years ago, when I was in Greece I worked for the “Chic and simple” company and we travelled the world to visit all the big fashion exhibitions in order to choose collections for our stores. Entering the world of fashion and inspecting it from such a close distance influenced my interests and nourished my priorities, I met many incredible designers who made me fall in love with fashion and who inspired me to get into creation myself. I was ambitious to create, to start my own brand, to have my own collections people would one day love and be inspired by. That’s how it all began…

Lefteris' Winter Collection

Lefteris’ Winter Collection

You come from Greece, an ancient world. Do your origins inspire your creations in a certain way?

I am Greek and I admire the ancient Greek civilization. Madame Grès is the best representative of Greek-inspired fashion design for me, she epitomizes the classic spirit of natural folds in flowing fabrics in silk and silk jersey. My own line of design is more contemporary and clear-cut yet with occasional allusions to my classic Hellenic past. When creating clothes, I also aim to create ideas which could transport you somewhere else, feed the present with allusions of the past and give it a dynamic new twist. Many things inspire my collections – art, traveling, past and contemporary cinema – all these affect me enormously.


You have graduated from the renowned Fashion School “Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne” and have studied with Lagerfeld, Dior and other Parisian icons. What did you learn from them? What was the experience like?

At this fabulous school and these hugely important fashion houses I’ve learned the “know-how” of creating clothes – how fabrics come alive step by step in the ateliers before they come onstage during the haute couture fashion shows. Working around fashion legends like Karl Lagerfeld, the Kaiser, or John Galliano, one of my personal idols, has been a magnificent experience which has nurtured my creative passion forever. But the most life-changing period for me was working personally with Mr. Stephane Rolland at his atelier both at Louis Scherrer’s and at Stephane Rolland Haute Couture. There I experienced the whole creative process from scratch – starting from brainstorming the idea up till its practical realization! We worked on themes like Orient Express and fashion design for luxury travel.


You will have your collection presented during the Paris’ Fashion week 2014. Tell us a bit more about it?

My collection of Women’s and Men’s clothes will be presented in one of the fashion showrooms during the Fall/Winter edition of Paris Fashion Week 2014/15. It tells the story of two cultures and reveals the marriage of two countries. We will present it through a short film, directed by actor/director Matthieu Moerlen, with whom I have been working for the last two years as a costume designer for his films.

What makes your collections stand out from the crowd?

The elegance, the fabrics, the colors, their individual message.


How would you describe your personal designer’s aesthetic?

Dynamic, elegant, energetic.

How do you meet the requirements of women around the world who might have different fashion sensibilities? 

The ability to be flexible and understand various tastes and trends has always helped me make my clients happy. It’s normal that people from diverse cultures would come with different fashion sensibilities. I always try to understand their viewpoint, recognize their preferences, adjust to them and create a piece of clothing which would mirror their personality and adapt to their sense of style. This would make it different from any item bought from the store in that it would be unique and created exclusively for them.


What makes a good look? 

The personal taste. Always!

To learn more about Lefteris Dotstios and our haute couture services, please contact services@studiosparis.net