As a place where the arts are highly valued and new talent is meticulously encouraged, Paris hosts some of the world’s most historically important and rich collections in its finest art museums.

Home of cultural institutions of international renown (like the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, the Paris Opera, the Fine Arts Academy, The École Boulle, The Paris Conservatory and many more), Paris is the perfect place to be if you have a thing for art!


With dozens of museums and displays, covering all periods and forms of artParis is an infinite source of inspiration and discoveries for Art lovers.

Curious minds or art buffs? Our list of artistic activities in Paris has something for all of you!

Romantic spirits: A pilgrimage to impressionism in Giverny

Just a half-day tour from Paris could take you to admire one of art’s incredible and iconic landscapes for real.  A tour to the charming country village of Giverny will let you penetrate the beautiful home and gardens which inspired the master of Impressionism, Claude Monet, and nourished his love of nature. Entering Monet’s restored house, gardens and workshop, where the renowned artist settled with his family from 1883 to 1926, will give you an exclusive pass to a unique moment in art history. Seeing the landscapes which inspired one of his most famous works, Les Nimpheas, is a thrilling experience which won’t fail to impress.  A specific highlight is the water-lily pond with its well-known Japanese bridge which featured in many of Monet’s masterpieces. A walk in the gorgeous gardens and a view of the famous pond and bridge will transport you to Monet’s world where art and nature become one.

Comparing reality and fiction

Comparing reality and fiction

Giverny is located 75 km away from Paris, around an hour away by car

Novelty seekers: Theatre in an ex-cartridge depot

Living the magic of theatre in the context of an ex-cartridge depot? It’s doable in the unconventional “La Cartoucherie”. Located in the Bois de Vincennes, the largest public park in the city, this former munitions factory was taken over and developed by Ariane Mnouchkine, who transformed it into a theatre ground. Today five theatres share its scene, among which the notable and avant-gardist Theatre du Soleil famed for its exceptional performances based on blending physical theatre and improvisation. What’s more, during the intermission you will often find yourself served refreshments by the very actors themselves! With its fresh and easy going spirit, La Cartoucherie is much different than the rest of the private Parisian theatres. As an additional bonus, their neighborly equestrian center proposes daily courses in horse riding as well.

Route du Champ-de-Manouevre,

La Cartoucherie

La Cartoucherie

The Classics with a twist: Opera on the water

If you are the opera type, you should by all means treat yourself to a spectacle in the Palais Garnier or the Opera Bastille. If you would like to keep your arias going but would rather enjoy them in a less formal and somewhat unusual setting, however, then the Péniche Opera might be just the thing for you! Loaded with all sorts of musical shows, it invites you to enjoy your favourite comic operas, chamber operas and cantatas while gently rocked by the waters of the Seine.  The blend of the music and the water will make you feel like you were in Venice…

Opposite 46, Quai de la Loire;

Péniche Opera

Péniche Opera

Movie buffs: Uncover the hidden face of cinema

During this unusual and interactive journey, the Stars of the Rex cinema invite you to peep behind the curtains of the unfolding movie process. In this educational and bouncy visit, you would come to understand how the projectionist works as well as try out different special effects or even try to dub a movie scene yourselves! The most spectacular part would be King Kong’s arrival which you would affront in a special salon whose chairs move in rhythm with the animal. You will even be filmed a few times only to discover a bit later your silhouette become part of the original movie!

Grand Rex, 1, Boulevard Poissonière; for more information:

The Grand Rex

The Grand Rex

Poetic Rebels: Slam

Slam, an artistic movement and oratorical art imported from the USA which has taken France by storm some fifteen years ago, can be defined as a genuine poetic tournament during which poets of all feathers reunite around their poetry. Featuring a wide range of voices, styles, cultural traditions, and approaches to writing and performance, some slam poets are associated with the vocal delivery style of hip hop, while others use traditional theatric devices (like shifting voices and tones). Still others may recite an entire poem in ironic monotone and there are those who might dare to stretch the boundaries of the format, by using tap-dancing, beatboxing or choreographed movements. During the slam soirées organized in café “Culture Rapide”, you could witness a slam reserved to ladies only, or nights during which anyone could take the floor, thus becoming an active poet in their own turn. It’s a spectacle you should not miss!

Culture Rapide, 103, Rue Julien Lacroix; for more information:

The Slam Championship : "In the beginning was the Word..."

The Slam Championship : “In the beginning was the Word…”