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Feel like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden in your perfect summer residence in Paris

The French have this natural flair for taste and refinement which often endows their homes with an unmatchable European grace. Blending the warmth of traditional design with a clean, more daring contemporary silhouette, Eden is one such example whose appeal lies in getting the best of both worlds. Its sophisticated look strikes the balance between traditional style and contemporary buzz coexisting peacefully under the same roof. The result? A gracious, ingenious space which gives you the permission to time travel in a sea of harmony.

Eden's living room

Eden’s living room

Elegantly furnished with a stylish mix of modern and antique pieces of furniture and refreshing in its simplicity, Eden showcases natural beauty in a rugged and unpretentious manner. Thanks to its organic textures and shapes and the natural atmosphere of its rustic décor, it takes you closer to France’s beautiful countryside and promotes this special relationship with the past which is so hard to achieve in today’s world where so much is virtual.

Eden's garden

Eden’s garden

Located in the 5th district of Paris, a few meters away from the charming Luxembourg Gardens, this luxury apartment with a private garden offers a spacious and stylish living space on the ground floor of an elegant Parisian building.

Dimming the boundaries between inside and out is a trademark characteristic of France’s rural regions where no country interior is considered absolute without a bunch of flowers present somewhere around the house –  or even better – sprouting fresh in the garden outside the door, as it the case with Eden’s marvelous green courtyard. This amazing summer retreat is a cozy and almost improbable alcove of peace in the heart of Paris. With direct access to an intimate and relaxing landscaped garden from the apartment, you receive the right to enter your private little summer Heaven where you could enjoy a refreshing aperitif, a romantic dinner or a late night talk about the universe while searching for the perfect fig leaf to match your heavenly outfit.

The living room

The living room

Leading directly to the garden and furnished with a fire place, a piano, a large library and a spacious angle sofa which invites conversation, Eden’s living room is a bright space with a lot of character. The stored logs lend the space some cabin charm and match perfectly the rough-hewn beams standing out against the smooth white walls. Not only do these define the place architecturally, but they also make it simple and genuine yet naturally elegant, a look that contents the soul and the eye alike…

Exotic rugs never going out of style, the zebra carpet is cast as that perfect mismatch which nevertheless blends well into the background, anchoring the room with its noticeable presence.

The "double games" of Eden's kitchen

The “double games” of Eden’s kitchen

Fully equipped with an oven, dishwasher, washer/dryer and wall-mounted TV, the kitchen strikes this old-world sensibility with an edge of sophistication which keeps its look smart and fresh.

Finding its center between modern and traditional, its bar-like partition with high stools and a slick black wall jazzed up by random verses instantly transports you into the trendy ambiance of a hip bar or a café, whilst the laid-back, down-to-earth charm of the dining room emits the cozy and regional glow of a home in the country. The dining room has access to the patio where long happy meals can also be taken.

The cozy and elegant bedroom

The cozy and elegant bedroom

The traditionally-styled bedroom takes its inspiration from the past. With its pale beige stone walls interlaced with wooden beams, the pretty princess-like bed with its beautiful pastel green wooden frame and the room’s laid-back soft and creamy colours, the space promises coziness and comfort and delivers them with style.

The master bedroom is connected to a large and luxurious bathroom with a walk-in shower, a large bathtub and a double wash basin.

There is a separate walk-in dressing room with ample space for clothes and storage.

The Media room, with TV, music and video library and a Hi-Fi desk could easily be converted into a second bedroom if necessary.

The garden with an oval playground for a cozy outdoor table

The garden with an oval playground for a cozy outdoor table

There is an air of dreaminess around this fairytale of an apartment which embraces you like a warm soft blanket.

And remember that should you ever want to swap your intimate “Garden of Eden” with the royal Luxembourg gardens for a while, for your convenience, they are located just around the corner.

The courtyard

The courtyard

To hire Eden, please contact bookings@studiosparis.net