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Organizing your wedding proposal, honeymoon or anniversary in Paris from A to Z

From selecting the most romantic luxury apartment to organizing an aesthetic and exclusive photo shoot for you with our star photographer, Studios Paris will do what it takes to make your special moment perfect.

Wedding Proposal Package

What could be more romantic than asking for your darling’s pretty little hand in Paris, the epitome of Romance itself? If you have always dreamed of popping the question here in the City of Lights, Studios Paris can work it all out for you and take care of every aspect of the ‘proposal night’! From choosing the most romantic apartment on the banks of the Seine or high above the rooftops of Paris, to providing exciting ideas of the proposal scenario and suggesting the best hidden romantic spots Paris has to offer, we will be privileged to become part of your special moment. We are delighted to confess that so far all of Studios Paris’ proposal nights have ended with a ‘Yes!’

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Honeymoon Package

Paris is always a good idea”, Audrey Hepburn said but when you’re planning to spend your honeymoon here, it’s even better! The city encouraging all those who dream big is the perfect choice for Romeos and Juliettes who adore gourmet food, dreamy landscapes and long kisses on the bridges over the Seine. Let us open you the door to The City of Love and organize your stay with our Honeymoon Package – a romantic breakfast in bed, the best dinner in your life and myriads of other romantic surprises in store. Frankly, we can’t think of a better honeymoon destination than Paris and we will be proud to help you create your honeymoon experience as unique as you are!

Anniversary Package

Everybody says “I love you” in Paris! That’s what it was made for in the first place, non? And what better way to say “I love you” than celebrating your wedding anniversary in the city of Romance? Let us help you organize it all – from choosing the most poetic apartment and booking your tickets to the theatre or opera to enlisting you in the must-do dinner cruise on the Seine and more. This real-life fairytale should be the best anniversary gift ever. You can imagine it as fancy as it gets, Studios Paris would be happy to help your romantic dreams come to life!

Sara's photography

Sara’s photography

Exclusive photo-shoot

If you want to document these magical moments, we offer you the services of our privileged partner in photography – star photographer Sara Niedzwecka – who can organize a high-class photo session just for you and capture in exclusivity your full wedding story professionally. Sara’s wedding and portrait photography speaks to the heart. Laced with emotion, happiness, tenderness and creative impact, her images capture a unique moment in your life and she is well aware of that. To create pictures that are both intimate and original, she will relate to you and your personal inclination of how you want to see yourself during this special day. “What’s the most important thing to you on your wedding day? What image of yourself do you want to convey? Intimate? Artistic? Romantic? Surely the best one! So do I”, she says.

Sara's photography

Sara’s photography

Art has always been a constant in Sara’s life. While studying music, visual art and architecture, she spent a lot of time working between New York, Paris, and Poznan in Poland. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Commercial Photography, she decided to settle in Paris and embrace her career in beauty and fashion photography, influenced by the style and ‘art de vivre’ so specific to the City of Lights. Experienced in the fields of reportage, portraits, still life and design and artwork photography, she works with greatest care to propose a vision for a unique series of images, direct the styling, execute a successful photo session and present her models in the best manner possible. Today she works with architects, designers, magazines and advertising agencies, while sharing her time mostly between her beloved city of Paris and Warsaw – “the roots of her origins and a bridge towards the East.”

Daring or gentle, Sara's shots always manage to impress

Daring or gentle, Sara’s shots always manage to impress

We asked Sara what it’s like to create emotion for others in her pictures while shooting weddings and here’s what she shared.

Not all clients are natural born artists who know how to perform in front of a camera. How do you encourage them to relax and work with you?

I love working with people and capturing their best moments. I know how important it is to seize their best in a picture because this is their life, so it is really exciting. I usually work with a small team of professionals which creates a really cool and friendly atmosphere “on set”. During the whole project I am attentive to what our clients like and how they feel. In the beginning I try to approach them by easing the atmosphere – we play the right music, discuss and laugh while little by little we move into the real photo session. As people become more open and confident, they give their best naturally.

Flowers of beauty; Sara's photography

Flowers of beauty; Sara’s photography

As a director of photography, how do you manage to create emotion for others in your pictures?

There is no trick, the emotion is real and comes from within people themselves. I just try to shape it up a bit and give it some direction through our friendly exchange, it is like a game!

How do you succeed to create a different image for the wedding couple, individual for each client?

In fact, what I really care about is capturing and presenting people as they really are – through their own expressions, emotions and intimate stories. As each person is unique, the individual image of any couple just couldn’t be otherwise.

Sara's photography adapts to the way you want to see yourselves, be it classical or avantgarde

Sara’s photography adapts to the way you want to see yourselves, be it classical or avantgarde

Your idea of the perfect shot?

I am not a ‘sniper’!  (laughs) I prefer to talk of the perfect session, because usually for couples or individuals, the whole period of the session is important, it’s like a revelation. This is why I am not concentrated on getting this ‘one best shot’, but rather on capturing the soul of the moment in a unique sequence of shots where people feel and look happy, confident, beautiful, emotional… The perfect session for me means sharing an intimate moment under the best possible conditions, having everyone be and look happy here and now.

Rebel Rebel; Sara's photography

Rebel Rebel; Sara’s photography

Besides romantic related photo sessions, what other services could you propose to Studios Paris’ clients coming to or living in Paris?

I also make portraits of people (personalities, actors, board members, kids) who need someone to capture their distinctiveness and translate it to a visionary language.  Practically anyone interested in seizing a singular moment of time (a birthday, an anniversary, a family get together, a graduation or just your favourite Sunday walk in the park with your beloved ones) in order to make it exceptional and special is welcome to contact us for a photo shoot.  Alternatively, people who would fancy completely reinventing themselves and seeing themselves in a whole new light could also be interested in a personalized photo session which would provide them with an inspiring brand new image of themselves which they could cherish.

A simple everyday ritual suddenly glows with a moment of intimacy; Sara's photography

A simple everyday ritual suddenly glows with a moment of intimacy; Sara’s photography

I recently worked for a family, who had their first photo session during which I was to take a series of portraits of the young couple.  Initially they were not at ease because the young lady was too shy, so we started with some casual everyday photos in the living room, with them sitting on a comfy sofa, in the daylight and so. After a while we made a little break and shortly the lady let go and finally opened up to a session which turned to be extremely intimate and funny! In the end, their kids who were curiously observing us during the whole time did come to take part in the pictures as well. My clients had a wonderful time they will not forget and some very nice memories for all their lives. We are now very good friends…


 Sharing one of the most precious moments in people’s lives, how does it feel like?

Unique each time!

If you’re interested in our Romantic services in general or our Exclusive photo shoot in particular, please contact services(@)studiosparis.net