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The Dream of Waterfront Living now possible with Studios Paris’ houseboats for rent and for sale

Most real estate homes usually thrive on firm ground. But there will always be those who would opt for a choice less conventional when setting up a household.

If you have the water gene in you, Studios Paris can propose several waterfront living suggestions which just shouldn’t be missed.


Waterfront living – a summer favourite!

With Léonide and Saint Laurent, two of our lovely houseboats available for rent, and the Péniche Orphée, our newest waterborne gem on the market for sale, Studios Paris’ flotilla is ready to storm summertime Paris!

Waterfront living - a summer favourite!

Leonide houseboat

Located inside the exclusive harbor of “L’Arsenal”, right by the Place de la Bastille, our cozy and authentic boat Léonide is an extraordinary place to stay. Moored by the Seine where you could enjoy the quietness of the canal Saint-Martin, Léonide is comfortable as much as adventurously decorated. This genuine captain’s deck permits you to enjoy your warm summer nights on the open deck above the Seine under golden shadow of the July column right in the heart of Paris. A stay in Léonide would render your sojourn a real bohemian’s corsair journey through the City of Lights!

Cabine double Leonide

If you are looking for a more secluded version of houseboat deluxe, our “Le Saint Laurent” is the perfect place to be. Floating on the Seine in the elegant Neuilly neighbourhood, you can enjoy its sunlit terrace or the private rose garden on the quay for barbecue.  Located steps away from Paris’ biggest natural park, the Bois de Boulogne, its other advantage would be your neighbours – some ducks, swans and birds troubling the heavenly calm of your Parisian paradise. The best place to combine a holiday of fishing and tanning on the beach with Parisian sightseeing, Le Saint Laurent is recruiting for a new captain, which could be you.

Le Saint Laurent Houseboat in Neuilly

Le Saint Laurent Houseboat in Neuilly

Nowadays an increasing number of people are abandoning the notion of living on dry land to pursue a simpler and more environmentally friendly lifestyle, closer to nature. Many forward-thinking individuals have started seeing the opportunity of owning a boat not only as something romantic and trendy, but also as a profitable prospect. With the relaxing atmosphere linked to living on the water, there are plenty of other motives why owning a floating home is a tempting option. One particular advantage – its affordability – as buying a houseboat is a much cheaper alternative to purchasing any bricks-and-mortar home.  A moving home also presents the opportunity of nomad living or travelling wherever you want thanks to your boat. The freedom of relocating anytime, along with the joy of welcoming the sun with your morning coffee, sitting on your sunlit deck reading a book or watching the sunset above the water makes this a particularly enticing lifestyle especially during the summer.

The garden on the quay of Le Saint Laurent houseboat

The garden on the quay of Le Saint Laurent houseboat

Houseboat living is an exotic choice for those who have a thing for water…

If you consider yourself one of them, then you could just fall in love with the Péniche Orphée, our latest houseboat for sale. Floating on the Oise river in the city center of Creil in a quiet street 10 minutes away from the railway station and the city’s commercial area, Péniche Orphée is moored just 25 minutes away from Paris’ Gare du Nord.

The Orphée houseboat

The Orphée houseboat

Bigger than most people’s “normal” homes, this 200 m2 houseboat is fully furnished and features two independent levels, which could be used together or separately. Consisting of a bathroom with shower and a toilet, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room, the first unit could easily become an office or an apartment for rent. The second one features a beautiful 60m2 living room, a kitchen, a bathroom with shower and WC, three bedrooms and another room which could be transformed into a lounge room or a study. Free parking is available in front of the houseboat and a secure access is provided through a fence and a doorway. Electric heating and wood stove are also available.

Orphée's pretty living room

Orphée’s living room

Madame Bourgain, Péniche Orphée’s owner shares her experience of the positive thrills of living on a boat as well as her motivation to approach Studios Paris regarding the boat sale.

How did you choose working with Studios Paris? What do you appreciate in particular about the agency?

I know Mme Léandre (Studios Paris’ CEO) and the company’s team of professional realtors and have total confidence in them which is why I wholeheartedly recommend selling your property with them. Studios Paris sets high standards for itself, knows how to render a property stand out from the crowd and market it well. With their professional approach, they have established a connection with a good number of potential buyers throughout time and as a result they always manage to sell their top-quality properties successfully.

Orphée's living room

Orphée’s living room

What are the advantages of owning a houseboat? 

On the Orphée houseboat, the situation was perfect! At Creil, you are only 25 minutes away from Paris. In the end, taking the train to the Gare du Nord is much quicker than using the metro, the RER or going by car. Another great thing about it would be owning a large space for a small fee and enjoying the benefits of living in the countryside while taking full advantage of residing in the city. The boat is three minutes away from the woods and every summer our children used to swim in the Oise river.

Orphée's garden on the quay with pretty glycinias

Orphée’s garden on the quay with glycinias

Who is the Orphée houseboat suitable for?

It could meet the requirements of a large public – from families and freelancers doing remote work to investors looking for an independent studio to rent.

Your favourite pastime on the boat is…?

I love its spaciousness which permits you to have huge jolly parties on the deck with family and friends.



What is the most incredible / precious thing about living on a boat?

The sensation of inner liberty you feel once you start living there.

During the warm summer months plenty of people sit on the banks of the Seine watching the boats go by and dream how nice it would be to be actually living on one.  With Studios Paris’ boats for rent and for sale, we welcome you aboard! Yet once you become part of the crew, you won’t be much keen to go back to dry land!

To rent the Léonide or Le Saint Laurent houseboats, please contact bookings(@)studiosparis.net

Interested in starting your waterborne life on the Péniche Orphée? Please contact sales(@)studiosparis.net