“…no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” 

― Julia Child, “My Life in France

Master the techniques of French cuisine in the Cordon Bleu

Master the techniques of French cuisine in the Cordon Bleu

As “the sentimental capital of gastronomy”, Paris emanates culinary excellence at every corner. With its open-air markets, historic restaurants and movie-like bakeries, the city of Alain Ducasse, “Le Cordon Bleu” and the famous macaron is the ideal location for you to absorb France’s culture from the perspective of French cuisine, recently featured on UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list. To discover your very own “flavour of Paris”, take your time to eat your way through its signature dishes, dine in one of the city’s authentic bistros or take the long and winding road to mastering the art of culinary serendipity. Then again, achieve all these in a row and live the unforgettable cooking adventure of joining a class in a renowned Parisian cookery school – a long-standing tradition for pleasure-seeking bohemians and culinary buffs alike!

Le Cordon bleu logo

Le Cordon bleu logo

Whether you’d like to perfect your cooking techniques, search for refreshing creative inspiration or make a debut on the culinary scene, when it comes to cooking classes in Paris, the choice is simple. It has to be “Le Cordon Bleu”, the most famous cooking school in the world which has taught some of the world’s top chefs turn their gastronomic and cultural dreams into reality.

That's how  you would  roll after your class in Le Cordon Bleu

That’s how you would roll after your class in Le Cordon Bleu

At Studios Paris, we have always aspired to bringing French culture closer to our guests. In our attempt to do so, we offer you a new, original and sophisticatedly delicious way to experience the spirit of Paris. Whether staying here for a few months or visiting for just a week, a diploma from a class taken in “Le Cordon Bleu” can be one of the most amazing memories to take home from Paris. For some, it might even be a reason in itself to come visit the city in the first place. Following our line of gastronomic-oriented guest services, we invite you to take this unique culinary journey delivered by the master chefs of “Le Cordon Bleu”. We would be delighted to help you save time and efforts and organize your schooling in this celebrated culinary institution. You could build your trip around the cooking classes or choose your preferred one on the spur of the moment, once you have arrived here.

Julia Child, the lady who first introduced French cuisine to the US, tasting one of her creations

Julia Child, the lady who first introduced French cuisine to the US, was one of Le Cordon Bleu’s most famous graduates

Founded in 1895 and considered as the guardian of French culinary technique, Le Cordon Bleu is a worldwide leader in Gastronomy, Hospitality and Management education. Evolving by combining innovation and creativity with tradition, it is a living laboratory for students gaining experience through hands-on learning. With over 100 years of teaching experience, it is considered by many to be the world’s first culinary arts institute, where teachers are not just instructors, but “mentors providing lifelong inspiration and support to graduates”. But most importantly, Le Cordon Bleu sets students on a journey inspiring brilliance, imagination, creativity and personal enrichment.

Hollywood actress Blake Lively's life-long dream of taking a class in the Cordon Bleu

Hollywood actress Blake Lively’s life-long dream of taking a class in the Cordon Bleu

You can follow in the footsteps of Le Cordon Bleu’s many famous graduates, like Julia Child, Eric and Bruce Bromberg and Ming Tsai. Currently offering both professional education and workshops for non-professionals, all of Le Cordon Bleu’s courses are taught in French and translated into English. There are a number of short-term courses and demonstrations which last for just a day so if you are a real for food enthusiast, the “no time” card won’t be enough of an excuse for you.  Choose from a long list of tantalizing classes which would help you master traditional French techniques from the world of classical and contemporary “haute cuisine”, cultivate your talent for successful food and wine pairing, develop your personal creativity and advance your technique in the field of artistic decoration and food presentation and concoct inventive and sophisticated French dishes such as sautéed sea bass fillet with foie gras, eggplant purée and meat juice.

French gourmet style

French gourmet style

Set in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, a class taken in “Le Cordon Bleu” would take you on an unforgettable aromatic journey in the world of flavours, aromas and delicious ideas.

We would be glad to help you get your gastronomic “ticket” because once you set foot in Paris you will come to find out that French people do take their food seriously.

As Remy, the celebrity “rat” chef from “Ratatouille” says “If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.” 

And so will you, after a class taken in “Le Cordon Bleu”.

The happy graduates

The happy graduates

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