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"Some rock" vs "Duroc"

“Some rock” vs “Duroc”

What’s the difference between “Du Rock” and “Duroc”?

Ask any Parisian and observe him/her raise a knowledgeable eyebrow and crack a jaunty little smile.

“Aaah, du rock, alors…”

Through this smart and very French underground wordplay, the classically named metro station “Duroc” has been temporarily renamed “Du Rock” (meaning “a little bit of rock”, or “some rock”) in honour of the rock festival “Rock en Seine” (“Rock on the Seine”), which takes place in Paris later this summer.

Pronunciation-wise, there’s no difference between “du rock” and “duroc”, but in terms of meaning, it makes all the difference, because right now there’s one Parisian metro station that really rocks the casbah for all the rock lovers out there!

We will, we will "Duroc" you!

We will, we will “Duroc” you!

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