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Have you ever dreamt of visiting exotic India, with its vibrant colors, dreamy landscapes and divine atmosphere?  Now is your chance to do so in the course of your very next trip to Paris!

Dream of India's living room

Dream of India’s living room

Imagined as a seductive invitation to an unexpected new world and designed to be your unusual oasis of calm to retreat to, our cozy apartment Dream of India brings a touch of the exotic and evokes that magical feel of freedom that takes you far beyond the streets of Paris and straight to the mystical center of “incredible India”.

Dream of India can be your creative escapade, a trip in your trip to Paris, which will transport you to an exotic and intriguing land, whetting your wanderlust appetite and leaving you dreaming for more.

Dream of India's enigmatic bookshelf

Dream of India’s enigmatic bookshelf

Designed by its owner, who has the means to travel to India each time Les Studios rent her flat according to her desire and schedule, Dream of India is a unique one-bedroom apartment, ideally located in a quiet street between bucolic Montmartre (The Parisian Village) and the effervescent Pigalle (famous for its busy nightlife). Providing two bright and spacious rooms in an exquisite exotic décor, this Indian pearl is hidden in the shell of a typical Montmartre building.

Rapidly becoming one of the most appreciated ethnic themes worldwide, Indian interior design and its highly decorative palette add sensual sumptuousness and a pinch of sultry spice to any traditional home, thus bringing it to another level of comfortable housing.

Travelling far far away...

Travelling far far away…

Unlike other design styles, Indian decoration follows a “more-is-more” philosophy, which means that decorative elements and accessories are more than welcome. The ornate bits and pieces, little boxes, picture frames, Indian-inspired candlesticks and lampshades and other exotic treasures to be found around the apartment all add character to Dream of India and highlight its authentic look.

As animals play an important role in the Hindu religion, animal motifs are common in Dream of India’s exotic decor. The elephant, turtle and giraffe figurines in the living room as well as the roaring lions’ wall-art in the corridor all make up for a nice and authentic ethnic-inspired naturalistic design.

Dream of India's "animal kingdom"

Dream of India’s “animal kingdom”

Color-wise, so much of India is about making the best of color and light. While some palettes rely on soft and warm tints such as terracotta red, curry yellow and soil brown, others accentuate on the eye-catching, pick-me-up qualities of jewel tones like turquoise. Generously speckled throughout Dream of India’s living room, the turquoise sofa, curtains and rocking chair add energy and light, they soothe and create a refreshing atmosphere. For a more bohemian feel, different colours are often liberally combined to create a cozy, colorful and inviting space. Reinforced by other Indian-inspired accessories, red has been used to add a jolt of the unexpectedness and depth to the bathroom.

Dream of India's bathroom

Dream of India’s bathroom

With its air of meditation, the apartment’s bedroom provides a vibrant and exotic oasis to rest, read, relax and sleep. The bed being the focal point of the room, a special highlight has been naturally attached to it. The pure white linen hung from the canopy frame above the bed adds a bohemian touch and provides a feeling of intimacy and privacy to the room. Besides being an indispensable classic, the traditional Indian canopy bed creates a romantic and exotic feel which echoes warm Indian summer nights.

The canopy bed adds a dreamy feel to the bedroom

The canopy bed adds a dreamy feel to the bedroom

Rustic in style and solid in quality, authentic Indian furniture is another must in Indian design. Ornately carved and made from exotic woods like teak, ebony and rosewood, it often mirrors the significant elements of classical Indian architecture (like rounded arches and pointed domes), as can be seen in the two decoratively carved bedside tables in the bedroom, used to add richness and texture to the room’s look.

The bedroom

The bedroom

On reentering the living room, one finds two other pieces of furniture tempting the eye – “the tamed suitcase”, creatively repurposed as an original sofa table and the relaxing brown leather chaise longue, which could easily be an inspiration for any room.

The "tamed suitcase"

The “tamed suitcase”

Full of interest and unusual style, Dream of India is like an explorer’s cherished curiosity cabinet which never stops expanding. With its rich and eclectic impressions, this warm and relaxing modern home re-creates a mini cosmos of India for you to admire while relaxing in the turquoise canapé of your Parisian apartment. However, no Indian décor is just about aesthetics, but also about creating a universe that promotes happiness and wellbeing. With its exotic elegance and otherworldly feel, staying in Dream of India will be an enchanting and unique experience, an exotic and memorable escape taking you on an impossible journey of exploring the East and the West all at once.

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