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Enroll in a stimulating metaphysical journey with Les Studios de Paris’ new Philosophy and Design Classes

Visiting Paris without going through its Ideas is like going to the Louvre without having one’s spectacles

A cultural and intellectual center of international renown, Paris has always possessed this aura of fragile sophistication which has enraptured philosophers, poets and painters for centuries. Often called the City of Light in tribute to its intellectual supremacy, the city of the Seine, which devised the notion of modern thought and that of the avant-garde, still represents culture, freedom and independence of thought.

Whether seen through the eyes of the Impressionists, whose pensive, sensuous visions never cease to charm and allure, or through those of the Existentialists, who prompt us to fall in love with the very pointlessness of our own existence, Paris is – and always has been – a daunting idea, a rebellious manifesto and a tempestuous work of art, which provokes, inspires and challenges to be explored.

Arte Dia

Arte Dia

Inspired by this living image of the City of Light, Les Studios de Paris’ latest project aims to fly open the doors to this massive intellectual treasure, which is Paris.

Our partners Arte Dia

Our partners Arte Dia

As a tangible way to approach French culture, Les Studios’ Philosophy and Design classes, organized in partnership with Arte Dia, offer an original new way of exploring the city, bringing alive Paris in all its splendor, might and richness. Inspiring creativity and critical thinking, our classes are geared to the culturally curious and grant them an immediate immersion into the essence of France, a country where intellectuals have been highly esteemed at all times and where the intelligentsia indeed has changed the course of history more than once. One cannot really claim to know Paris or France without revisiting its classics. This common belief, along with the acceptance of Aesthetics as a philosophy of life, inspired the partnership between Les Studios de Paris and Arte Dia.

The ARTE DIA team brings together a group of philosophy teachers currently working in the field of national education, several professional photographers and visual artists graduated from different prestigious art schools in Paris, such as BOULLE, DUPERRE, ESTIENNE THE ART DECO and LOUIS LUMIERE. What unites them is their common viewpoint that knowledge and appreciation are born and reinforced through dialogue, debates, collective creativity and exchange of ideas.

Les Studios and Arte Dia's new Philosophy and Design classes

Les Studios and Arte Dia’s new Philosophy and Design classes

Sharing indispensable and essential elements which will give you real freedom in artistic expression, the Design classes are destined to those wishing to learn or improve artistic techniques in ink drawing, anatomy drawing, watercolor, portraits, sketches, acrylic painting and more.

Covering important landmarks in the history of French philosophy and highlighting basic concepts, major authors and most common argumentation techniques, the Philosophy classes make for a journey of significant philosophical texts and key themes, inspired by the desires of group members.

We met Arte Dia’s founder and philosophy teacher, Bilal Brahim, who will introduce you to our new Philosophy and Design classes and explain the reasons behind his love of Art and Philosophy.

Mr. Bilal Brahim, Arte Dia's founder and one of their philosophy teachers

Mr. Bilal Brahim, Arte Dia’s founder and one of their philosophy teachers

What inspired you to create Arte Dia and what is the company’s philosophy?

ARTE DIA offers a comprehensive study of philosophy and applied arts, simply because I believe – like many other philosophers before me – that these two domains are the most fundamental of human activities. From Lascaux to Paris via Athens and Rome, man has always had but two real passions: Art and Thought. ARTE DIA is the synthesis of these two activities: art and philosophy for adults in small groups. With this unique philosophical experience, taking place in the evening, after work, now you can postpone the inevitable metro’s rush hour in a quest to prolong Eternity.

How did Arte Dia and Les Studios find each other? What motivated you to form your new partnership?

Arte Dia has always wished to establish a connection with the Montmartre district, a historic neighborhood which has been home to Paris’ major artists, such as Dali, Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec and the master Van Gogh! Having our Philosophy and Drawing classes held in such a legendary quarter has long been a dream of Arte Dia’s philosophy and art teachers. With Les Studios’ location in the historic heart of Montmartre and Art and Aesthetics being the ultimate expression of both our philosophies, Les Studios proved to be the ideal partners. From our very first discussion with Eva Léandre, Les Studios’ CEO, we saw through the original and complementary nature of our two companies, meant to support and actively encourage both philosophical thinking and artistic practice. This is why we’ve rapidly established a partnership which currently consists in offering Philosophy classes (held in Les Studios’ art gallery on Wednesday evenings); Design classes (held in a number of Les Studios’ exquisitely selected prestigious apartments), as well as Nude Drawing Classes (held in the historical Atelier Pablo Picasso, the artist’s first atelier in Paris). Given in both French and English, our classes will introduce you to some exclusive Parisian homes with the possibility to actually gain new abilities and explore Paris in a wholly different fashion. Our partnership allows you to experience and develop a historical, touristic, creative and philosophic awareness of artistic Paris all at once. Individual Philosophy or Drawing classes are also possible.

Our Philosophy Classes are apt for the curious minds

Our Philosophy Classes are apt for the curious minds

Why come to Paris to do Philosophy and / or Drawing?

Paris is all about Art and History. After Athens and Rome, Paris has been the world capital of philosophy since the opening of the Sorbonne in 1254. Some great monuments, such as The Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower, have been inspired by concrete philosophic ideas, essential to be understood, in order to better appreciate the splendor of the city. Paris is as much for the Mind, as it is for the Eyes. Visiting Paris without going through its ideas is like visiting the Louvre without having your spectacles. In Paris, history, philosophy and art blend to offer wonders to the one who is interested. The artworks would reveal their secrets to those who’d take a pencil or a paintbrush and confront the artistic challenges of the artist himself. They would tell their story to the ones who study and draw them. That’s why we try to inspire our students approach these stories and encourage them to enter into a dialogue with artists and artworks alike during our classes and the visits to Parisian museums where we go to draw Michelangelo’s, Carpeaux’s and Rodin’s spectacular sculptures …

Look inside to paint the invisible with our Design classes

Look inside to paint the invisible with our Design classes

How are Arte Dia’s classes different from the general Art and Philosophy classes and who are they aimed at?

Our courses are intended for a wide audience of adults who may or may not have attended Philosophy or Drawing courses before. What’s different about Arte Dia’s workshops is their educational approach, based on the recognition of the different individuals that make up each group. We believe that the artistic and philosophical sensitivity of each person can be better developed through a personalized approach towards group members who are encouraged to express themselves freely in the presence of their philosophy and art teachers. This is why, unlike other conventional schools, we do not have a preset training program. Our teachers prepare the next course taking into account the questions, comments and ideas raised by the class members.

What does the Philosophy class cover?

Each course covers a different philosophical theme such as “What is artistic inspiration in art?” (based on a text by Bergson) or “What is religion? “(based on a text by Rousseau). The author is presented by the teacher and the text read and analyzed by the group. Then the teacher develops further the text’s main ideas, by interacting with the group members and letting them exchange thoughts between themselves. At the end of the course the teacher and the group members select together the theme of the next class, with priority given to French philosophers.

Visiting Paris' museums to paint their masterpieces is another interesting approach to art, offered by Arte Dia

Visiting Paris’ museums to paint their masterpieces is another interesting approach to art, offered by Arte Dia

What does the Design class cover?

There are different types of Design classes. The first one consists in visiting Parisian museums (like the Louvre) on Friday evenings or going to parks during the weekend. In small groups of five people, we work around indispensable art history artifacts, such as Michelangelo’s “The Slaves”. The teacher monitors and advises each member during all stages of creation, from composition to completion going through proportions, work volumes, lights and materials.  The second type of Design classes features extraordinary sessions of drawing costumed live models. Focused on themes inspired by the Burlesque, Pin-Up, Futuristic, Manga, Indian and Oriental looks, these classes offer a unique experience and an original and contemporary approach to the artwork. Organized each month in Les Studios’ exclusively selected luxurious apartments, those are fit for fifteen members who will draw portraits of Parisian artists and dancers, costumed by our partners Happy Onigry. The third option, the Nude Drawing Classes, takes place in the historical Atelier Pablo Picasso and involves more technical and theoretical exercises.

Below you can see a behind-the-scenes’ prep-up of one of the artists to be painted during the sessions of drawing costumed live models 

Art and Philosophy – what unites them in the first place?

For me, it was Art History which tempted me into the World of Ideas. To reflect on the subject of art meant to question the criteria of Beauty itself, a research which has naturally led me to delve into Ancient Philosophy. Art and Philosophy are similar in that they are both creative and intellectual activities, the complexity and richness of which knows no boundaries. These two human dimensions, which create the values through which we appreciate and review reality, seem to constantly interconnect unbeknownst to us and this mystery has never ceased to fascinate me.

To enroll in our Philosophy or Design classes or learn more about our Client Services, please contact services(@)studiosparis.net

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