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“A white wall is the translation of a people which keeps quiet”; spotted on a wall in Montmartre

What is it about Parisians (and French people, in general) that they always seek to speak their minds out?

As you will find out, the Parisian has an opinion on almost any subject – from international politics to why you’ve just dropped your fork on the ground in the bistrot – thus offering to his/her listener an insight of his own knowledge, which – remarkably – quite often verges on the encyclopedic.

The introductory “I have a theory” has an aphrodisiacal effect on the intellect of any Parisian while not having your own theories around here is an actual sign of intellectual feebleness.

So for your next trip to Paris, make sure to pack a few theories while prepping your  luggage – wrap them up tightly between your sneakers and your iPhone (two other Parisian musts) and prepare to blend with the crowd…

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