"I want out!" she screams! It ain't easy being a cat in a veggie restaurant, now, is it?

Based on a true story

“I want out!!!!”, he screams and how can we blame him?

After all, who would want to play the part of the cat in the vegetarian restaurant?

We’ve all been there, haven’t we, stuck in a silly situation with no apparent way out?

So let’s show some compassion here.

Being a “cat on a hot tin roof” is nothing compared to the macabre faith of this Montmartre fellow here.

A cat in a vegetarian restaurant? Seriously? How much more ironic could it get?

Although the phrase does suspiciously sound like a smart new idiom expressing “the unbearable pointlessness of existing“,  we’re still somewhat prone to believing that this furry Montmartre resident is not quite so excited about adding a new entry to the Thesaurus.

“Help! It’s getting really lonely in here… Have somebody call PETA, for Cat’s sake!”

Those were his famous last words.


No animals were harmed during the writing of this article

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