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Haven’t you sometimes wondered what is it about this famous Parisian look that everyone strives to copy and have?

Even doind the laundry can be hip and trendy when you have the right hairdo. Hair styling: Fanny Morin

Even doing the laundry can be hip and trendy when you have the right hairdo. Hair styling: Fanny Morin. Picture courtesy of her website

With hairdressing, one of the boldest ways to reinvent your personality, and Paris, the fashion capital professing elegance and sophistication, Les Studios de Paris have created their new personalized luxury services, therapeutic both for your body and mind.

Inspired to pamper our clients in the most Parisian way possible, Les Studios’ new Glamour Hairstyle Services prove that beauty is for everyone and there is no excuse for “a bad hair day” anymore!  A high-fashion hairdo for a special night out or a bold new look to take home with you? Officially, there’s no better Parisian souvenir to get from your getaway!

Hairstyling: Fanny Morin. Photo courtesy of her website

Hairstyling: Fanny Morin. Picture courtesy of her website

With some retro Hollywood glamour, a “fresh-but-fabulous” Parisian look or a bespoke style just for you – whatever your hair tone, length, cut or texture – our stylist will know just how to make you stand away from the crowd.

More than a beauty experience, Les Studios’ Glamour Hairstyle Services offer you this quality moment, which makes you feel pampered and nurtured. With hairstyle an expression of our personality, reinventing our looks keeps us feeling alive and gives us the freedom to choose who we want to be. Doing it in Paris, even more so!

Hairstyling: Fanny Morin

Hairstyling: Fanny Morin. Picture courtesy of her website

A special event, a funky night out, a visit to the opera, or just a good reason to spoil yourself like a Parisian would – now and then an extra hit of glamour is needed when it comes to your hair. Les Studios’ partner, hairstylist Fanny Morin, knows just how to stage a “vrai” Paris fashion show for you in your Parisian apartment.

Hairstyling: Fanny Morin

Hairstyling: Fanny Morin. Picture courtesy of her website

A professional hairdresser for over 10 years, having managed two hair salons in Paris, stylist Fanny Morin has many years of experience in the areas of Fashion, Cinema, Theatre, Advertising, Events and Makeovers.

Fanny Morin

Fanny Morin herself. Picture courtesy of her website

After a training in London with celebrity hairstylist Vidal Sassoon, Fanny moved to Paris, where she now divides her time between creative research and artistic work. With a supplementary training in cosmetology and hair coloring, hair is no secret to her.  Today she is at your disposal providing professional services in hair care, including cutting, maintaining, coloring or styling your hair and also delivers image remodeling and beauty makeover advice. From contemporary to heritage and fantasy hair styles, covering both natural and classical looks for ladies and gentleman, Fanny can breathe life into your hair and make it shine to freshen up your look. With a spark of madness or a spicy touch, she would blend art with hairstyle to highlight your hair’s natural beauty and transform it into a living sculpture.

The living sculptures of Fanny Morin

The living sculptures of Fanny Morin. Picture courtesy of her website

More about the latest hairstyle trends and a few shared professional secrets in our interview with Fanny below. 

How did you get in the hairdressing business and what do you love about it?

It is quite simple really; I’ve wanted to do my job since the age of 5. I loved accompanying my father when he went to the hairdresser each month and was very happy to get a haircut myself.  What I have always loved about my job is the happiness and well-being it brings people when they identify their true self in reinventing their look.

You’ve been working for cinema productions, theatre performances, advertising campaigns and fashion shows. What’s the strangest hairstyle you’ve created in your career so far? Who was it for?

I would say that the strangest ones don’t even involve doing hair sometimes, but feature incorporating various other materials, such as vegetables, synthetics, food, metals. However, one of my most amazing memories so far is when I had to make the hair extensions on a horse for the filming of “Sport de Filles” directed by Patricia Mazuy. Now that is one spectacular memory!

"Spored de Filles" movie poster

“Sport de Filles” movie poster

Together with Les Studios, you form a new partnership offering our clients the opportunity to reinvent themselves thanks to your beauty services. But why come to Paris to have your hair done? Why reinvent yourself in Paris?

Well, I think that each country, each city has its flagship trait, a signature know-how of its own, whatever the field of expertise. For Paris, it’s haute couture, beauty and style. While I’ve spent 7 months in London in order to discover those other facets to my job and train myself to the techniques of British hairstylist Vidal Sassoon, it was on my return to France that I’ve realized: the capital of the hairstyle industry is actually Paris! French hairdressing is an international reference for glamour, lightness and romance. All major international hairdressers have passed by Paris. I’ve practiced my trade here for 9 years and it would be my pleasure to share some authentic Parisian beauty secrets with Les Studios’ clients.

Frivolous yet chic - a hair style look by Fanny Morin

Frivolous yet chic – the Fanny Morin look. Picture courtesy of her website

What kind of beauty tips do you propose to the clients of Les Studios in particular?

Whether you need a new haircut, some hair shaping and styling, adding volume or highlights, hair straightening or hair extensions, anything is possible! Each of my products has been tested on me to make sure they won’t damage but rather repair your hair, if necessary. Be it natural, messy, sleek or sexy, taking good care of our hair is essential, as it is a reflection of our personality, our health, the image we want to convey.

How should a lady choose her new hair style or look? 

There are many elements to take into consideration: the face shape, the hair type and implant, its density and morphology, your hair habits, even your field of activity! Personally I conduct a study with each of my clients to determine their needs and direct them towards the most appropriate style for them. It is not always necessary to make big changes to find the hairstyle that best suits us, often it is the small details that make all the difference.

Hairstyle: Fanny Morin

Hairstyling: Fanny Morin. Picture courtesy of her website

Where would the beauty makeover take place?  

Let’s say that it is not the client that will come to the hair salon, but the hair salon that will go to the client. (laughs) Each of your customers having unique hair, a short questionnaire will be sent to them in order to best prepare me for every appointment, which will later take place in one of Les Studios’ apartments.

What’s hot this season? What are the latest hair trends of 2013?

In the spring-summer 2013 collection, trends include retro-inspired hairstyles from the 60s, messy-looking XXL buns, ultra-short pixie cuts, Pompadour style or full-fringe mushroom cuts, long flowing hair with an airy feeling, ultra-voluminous waves, rumpled or backcombed.


Hairstyling for the brand of Paris Hilton Europe: Fanny Morin. Picture courtesy of her website

What is the ideal hair care routine in your opinion? What shall we do to keep our hair looking fresh and healthy?

First of all, eat healthy: fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, fish and poultry, low-fat dairy products. And yes, know that your hair is a reflection of your health, so if you have any deficiencies or you’re getting a treatment, your hair will automatically show it. Then, let your hair breathe: avoid wearing helmets, caps and hats too much. For those who are used to tying their hair up, avoid tight bands, and go for hairpins to avoid breaking your hair. Choose the right shampoo and hair care. Wash 2 to 3 times per week at the most, and use a good hair mask once a week (this applies mostly for treated or long hair). Finally, favour air-drying your hair and use a hair-dryer only if necessary.


Hairstyling: Fanny Morin. Picture courtesy of her website

You never start working without…? 

My brush Mason Pearson.

To reinvent yourself with Fanny’s movie looks, please contact services(@)studiosparis.net

To learn more about our client services, please contact services(@)studiosparis.net