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Floating above Paris with our penthouse “The Planner”

A luxurious remake of a proven classic (“An American in Paris”), the romantic image of a “mansarde à Paris” is a dream many a traveler would fancy indulging in at least once in a lifetime. “The Planner”, an incredible penthouse which sparkles bright like a star over the city, seeks to offer this unique living experience high above Paris, just below the clouds…

Right above Paris, just below the clouds with your penthouse The Planner

Right above Paris, just below the clouds with your penthouse The Planner

Originated in the 1920s, due to New York City’s rising demand for innovative deluxe urban living spaces, classical penthouses are distinguished by breathtaking views, open floor plans and luxury amenities. The penthouse of today, however, tends to incorporate modern architecture and sleek design, combined with imposing styling, magnificent views and a smart layout.

The Planner Living Room

The Planner Living Room

Those in the know say that living in a penthouse feels like capturing all the happiness in the world and treasuring it on your very own “top of the world”. Besides being the most desired love shack, this top floor apartment can be the perfect place to entertain family and friends or to enjoy magical moments, such as watching the sun at dusk or drinking your first cup of coffee in the company of Paris, waking up.

The guests' bed by the staircase

The guests’ bed by the staircase

If the abovementioned somehow strikes your fancy, then The Planner might just be the place for you.

This astonishing duplex has windows with 360° view over the whole of Paris and the hill of Montmartre.  Teamed with the stunning views, it sports a simple, yet sophisticated style, one of its most spectacular assets being the ceiling windows, each inviting a different Parisian landmark to naturally become part of the interior.

Food tastes better with a view of the Sacré Coeur...

Food tastes better with a view of the Sacré Coeur…

As you enter the apartment, there is a hallway with a cloak-room, a bathroom and a separate WC.

The stairs take you up to the main living space, where each skylight offers wonderful views on all of Paris’ famous monuments thus filling the space with unique and authentic charm.


Your stairway to heaven on Earth

Abounding in natural light, the apartment is spacious and welcoming. Simplicity, openness and light are the principal elements defining this contemporary living space. Design-wise, textures and colours are kept natural providing a contemporary yet warm ambiance reflecting the lightness of the penthouse.

The living room has a lounge area with a leather angle couch and a red sofa to further brighten up the space and give it a bit more color. A dining area with a view on the Sacré Coeur Basilica, an office area with a computer and a pull out double bed for extra guests are to be found on the same floor. A library adds a warm glow and complements the space’s homely feel.

Your living room's got company - it's the Eiffel Tower!

Your living room’s got company – it’s the Eiffel Tower!

Equipped with dressing cabinets, the violet master bedroom is cozy and quiet, with a view on Montmartre.

Accented with pops of color and a guitar, the second bedroom has two single beds (trundle bed that can be made into two singles or one double bed) and a breathtaking south-facing view on Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

Fresh and cozy under the stars - the second bedroom

Fresh and cozy under the stars – the second bedroom

Modern comfort has not been left behind in the luminous and fully equipped kitchen. Just pop on its sunlit breakfast counter to enjoy your first sip of Paris for the day.

With the city center just 15 minutes by metro, The Planner is located on the trendy Place des Abbesses, famous for its authentic French style, designer stores, countless bars and traditional restaurants. After the unforgettable experience of dining in one of the Butte’s famous brasseries or wandering the windy streets of Montmartre, your very last task for the day would be to relax and simply enjoy the spirit of your stylish penthouse apartment peeping into the magic of Paris.

Now, who doesn’t like that?

There you go, your eye to the world...

There you go, your eye to the world…

To hire The Planner, please contact bookings(@)studiosparis.net

To rent your apartment with us, please contact us at contact(@)studiosparis.net