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Les Studios’ finger-licking good new gourmet line

Chef Jean-Yves Montfort (Jym) offers you a scrumptious walk in the Garden of Life with his decidedly delicious homemade ‘confits et confitures’ (chutneys and jams), crafted exclusively for Les Studios, to be enjoyed by our guests in some of our apartments and also available for sale in our Cloud Hotel Lobby.  

Les Studios' homemade delicacies

Les Studios’ homemade delicacies

A treat for breakfast lovers or a delicious snack anytime, you now have a new tasty alibi when booking that next flight to Paris.

Succulent, authentic and “oh-so-French”, chef Jean-Yves Montfort’s new gourmet line is crafted exclusively for the guests of Les Studios.

Inspired by the idea of providing you with a cozier and more intimate sojourn, we’ve created our in-house gourmet line for you individually. Our latest tasty creations have been conceived to bring an even more homely feeling to your Parisian vacation – for staying with Les Studios has always been about making Paris your home.

Tasty and original is in the recipe of each of our creations

“Tasty and original” is in the recipe of each of our creations

Delicious alone or in the company of cheese, toasts, foie gras or wine, Les Studios’ jams and chutneys are a great way to boost up your day.

Treat your senses to the delicate taste of Mirabelle plum with specks of Vanilla, Bourbon and Gewürztraminer which is a perfect match for the Comté – a traditional, hard French cheese.

For a sophisticated flavour with lots of character, sample our Onion Chutney with crème de cassis (a thick blackcurrants’ liquor) which pairs fantastically with Foie Gras and red meats.

With its tart twist, our spicy Raspberry and Rhubarb jam will make your taste buds stand at attention.

As for the hot and zesty Apple and Ginger preserve, it is one of the latest products of our chef’s momentary inspiration.

The apple and ginger in the making

The Apple and Ginger preserve in the making

Get lost in our Forest of Flavours (more flavours to come) or follow our Map of Aromas to choose the right “taste path” for yourselves.

* We asked the Chef:

What inspired you to launch this gourmet line for Les Studios?

Quite different from any industrialized production even by Fauchon or Hédiard, our home-made ‘confits et confitures’ (chutneys and jams) are just another way of making our guests feel ‘at home’ rather than in a hotel. And we really prepare it just for them as a very personalized gesture and a product made with love from Studios Paris. It’s also our personal approach to treating our guests to one of the greatest pleasures in life, creating and sharing emotion through good food.

How are Les Studios’ jams different from the ready-made ones?

To create that perfect blend of flavours, we make our jams traditionally, using only fresh ingredients, carefully chosen herbs and spices and no artificial coloring or preservatives. The result being a really fruity and natural taste infused with lots of love.

How did you choose the jam flavours?

I am inspired to create something you won’t find elsewhere yet with a truly exceptional flavour and taste. All of our products have been developed to taste authentic and singular so there is a match for every taste. The flavours are mainly inspired by what we like and wish to share; they encourage this delicate, family spirit of homemade comfort food, which brings an intimate whiff of the flavours of the past – something we tend to forget nowadays with all the frenetic rhythm of life and massive industrialization…


Chef Jym in his wonder kitchen

Blissful to eat and authentic to give, our jams and chutneys are also available for sale in our Cloud Hotel Lobby at 4, Rue Androuet, Paris. Great for gourmands everywhere, whatever the occasion, they are the perfect choice to treat your beloved ones to an original and yummy gift coming straight from the heart of the world’s top gourmet capital, Paris.