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Have it the American way in a 100 % “back to the 50s” atmosphere

an HD Diner interior

An HD Diner interior

With its bubble gum pink and baby blue interior, its rockabilly soundtracks, the take on American cuisine and some landmark USA props (old Coke signs, a jukebox, retro phone boxes and a bunch of New World posters), HD Diner Back to the 50s makes for a nice change of scenery in modern-day Paris.

So, there you go!

If you want to take a breath from the predominantly Haussmanian look of the city and enter this brave new world for an hour or so, you could very well take the American Express at the price of a Strawberry Milkshake or a Caffè Americano (not that much for the food honestly, the place is worth visiting more for the atmosphere).

So put on your “blue suede shoes” or your “hi-heel sneakers” and go “get your mojo working” in the next HD Diner, ’cause there’s a “whole lotta shakin’ goin’on” there or so it seems…

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