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The poet of the wedding dress, designer Perry Ah Why, reveals the secret ingredient to the perfect bridal gown

In So-Pi (South of Pigalle), there are a few haute couture jewels known only to the happy few. One of these designer boutiques is Perry Ah Why’s, the man who sculpts women into goddesses. 20 years after the launch of his career and during the month of Love, Les Studios decided to pay a little visit to the legendary universe of this fabulous wedding dress designer, dear friend and ex-next door neighbour of ours. We entered his atelier to seek out the secret ingredient to a perfect wedding dress. We found a world in which fairies meet princesses and goddesses descend from heaven only to try out one of his latest, breathtakingly beautiful wedding creations…

Perry Ah Why's creations

Perry Ah Why’s creations; All pictures in this article are from Perry’s personal collection

Each wedding dress is a story. And as such, it couldn’t be more personal. Wedding dress magician Perry Ah Why knows this better than anyone else. At his boutique, you will have your own haute couture workshop and a designer for whom you will be the muse for the time it takes to create a dress. The profound discussions between the designer and you as his model will make you an integral part of the act of creation.

Each lady is unique and so should be her wedding dress

Perry accentuates.

Addressed to the chic, contemporary and sensual woman, Perry’s tailor-made creations reflect the image of the future bride in accordance with her up-to-date, romantic or glamorous taste and silhouette.

Romantic and dreamy is Perry's trademark

Romantic and dreamy is Perry’s trademark

His way of working with his clients starts by knowing the theme of the wedding, the dream of the bride and all along the realization of the dress the bride can see the evolution of the creation.

As wedding accessories are another one of Perry’s specialties, he can craft a floral design veil, a hat, a necklace, a shawl, a scarf, a brooch or a bag to match the idea and singularity of your dress.

Originally from Mauritius Island, Perry studied silk treatment and crafting of silk flowers and accessories under the supervision of a master craftsman in Bali. After having shown several collections in his own country, he started working in the costume design field for international hotels and some cabaret shows.

Perry's winter-inspired collection

Perry’s winter-inspired collection

Settled in France since 1998, Perry has collaborated with a French wedding dress designer in Paris, for whom he created collections of accessories, before starting his own business in July 2004.

Ever since, his brand has been the hallmark of pure originality and inimitable elegance.

The number of articles devoted to him in the French press in recent years (among which, in “Oui” “Elle”, “Côté Paris”, “Marions-nous” and “Mille mariages”) all attest to his success.

I made the cover of “Oui” with a wedding dress with a contemporary fit whose look was actually inspired by a sari. Since then I’ve been spoiled by the Parisian press.

he owns up smiling.

Perry's summer-inspired chef d'oeuvre

Perry’s summer-inspired chef d’oeuvre

In a space of over 80m2 on 2 floors, the new Perry Ah Why atelier-boutique, located in the Condorcet/Martyrs artist quarter, proposes original creations to an international clientele.

I like to say that my creations are simple and chic with a touch of madness

Perry states with a wink.

Yet the only madness we see is in the incredible amount of beautiful possibilities surrounding us.

Beauty meets freedom in Perry's creations

Beauty meets freedom in Perry’s creations

Bedazzled by all the lace, fur, crystals, feathers or handmade flowers, you find yourself encircled by a whirlwind of wedding dresses, corsets, skirts and coats, tailored in silk doupion, organza, crepe, taffetas, mikado and other enchanting fabrics we don’t even know the names of.

You stop enraptured and observe.

Being here is like living in a crystal ball where you’re the princess and the sparkly brocade rain falls just for you!

Chic and feminine with Perry Ah Why

Chic and feminine with Perry Ah Why

So whether you’re into dreamy georgette, delicate chiffon or luscious velvet…it doesn’t matter.

For the tissue your dreams are made of is already there, waiting for you on 41bis, rue Condorcet, in Perry Ah Why’s happiness factory.