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“Will you marry me?” Why, yes, she did! Here goes the inspiring true story of Fabio and Francesca, a now happily married couple who tied the love knot in one of Les Studios’ romantic apartments.  

What could be more romantic than asking for your darling’s pretty little hand in the city of Paris, the epitome of Romance itself?

Will you marry me in Paris?

Fabio’s thoughts exactly!

In his own contemporized version of “commedia dell’arte”, he staged his love manifesto in one of Les Studios’ most romantic apartments, Sous Le Ciel de Paris.  He offered his “bellissima Francesca” an exquisite chef dinner, an exclusive one hour private recital by a professional opera singer, a violoncellist, a bathtub of flowers, champagne and the sparkling city of Paris as a postcard backdrop to his marriage proposal. All this under the skies of Paris and you bet that her answer to his undying question was a loud and sound “Yes!”

We asked our “happily ever after” couple a few questions on this life-changing event. Here’s what they confessed!


Did you know in advance that you were going to propose or was it “on the spur of the moment” decision?

It’s kind of a funny story. I invited Francesca to come to Paris with me, but since I didn’t want her to suspect anything, I’d actually told her I was on a business trip. It was the perfect alibi! She thought I was out working during the day, while I was actually planning the big night!

How did you organize everything?

The flowers, the dinner, the life music and all the tiny yet important details – planning everything without Francesca noticing would have been really hard, but Studios Paris had it all worked out and took care of every aspect of the ‘proposal night’!

In which apartment did you stay? Was it “romantic-friendly”?

We chose Sous Le Ciel de Paris because I found it to be perfect for a romantic night in, it just felt special. Being Italians, we have a flair for the dramatic, so we were immensely fascinated by the apartment’s theatrical and romantic décor. This marvelous setting served as the perfect stage for my “home opera” scenario. Stylish, spacious and bright, the apartment proved to be just the place for a successful proposal night!

The bright and energetic living room

The bright and energetic living room

Were you nervous?

Dear God, was I not! First of all, I wasn’t sure what her answer would be, I mean – who on Earth is? And then, I feared she could come home any moment while I was preparing the love scene and catch me red-handed! Fortunately all went perfectly well!

So what did she finally say when you proposed?

And I quote…: “Si, tesoro, si, si, si!”

If your love story was a fairytale, what would be the last sentence?

“And this was just the beginning of their spectacular journey…”


How did you react when he proposed?

I was speechless! I had just come home with two paper bags full of fresh products for dinner, so the only question I was actually expecting was “Pizza or pasta?” However, when I entered the lobby, I instantly felt the air was different. I made a quick tour of the apartment and I finally stepped into the bathroom. The bathtub was full of colorful rose petals and there were candles all around. The painting on the wall had my smiling face temporarily pinned on it, there was a “Will you marry me?” message in a bottle floating in the tub and the ring came on the top of the macaron Eiffel tower we had for desert!

The bathroom which was the prime romantic scene

The bathroom which was the prime romantic scene

Did you expect this turn of events or not at all?

Not really! I was happy enough to have Paris for a week for myself, since I thought Fabio would be out working throughout the day.  Only afterwards did I realize that he hadn’t been working at all, but planning everything about the proposal every minute of his spare time! I found his little white lie so romantic and cute. I still do.

What was your most romantic Parisian moment?

Believe it or not, it was the moment when Fabio saw me amazed, holding the grocery bags, took them from me, kissed my forehead and said: “Franci darling, tonight I’ll take care of dinner…”

Did you find your Parisian “love nest” suitable for this romantic scene?

Yes, I absolutely adored Sous le Ciel de Paris! It was classy, beautiful, chic and really romantic! What I loved about it the most was the fancy French dinner with a breathtaking view over Paris we had. It was just the three of us – Fabio, Paris and me – and that’s definitely not something you have every day!

Sous le Ciel de Paris

Sous le Ciel de Paris

If your love story was a fairytale, what would be the last sentence?

“And they lived happily ever after…”

And so they did.

As a secondary matchmaker, we feel privileged to have been a part of Fabio and Francesca’s special moment.

We are delighted to confess that so far all of Les Studios’ proposal nights have ended with a ‘Yes!’

So if you’re dreaming of asking for your sweetheart’s hand in Paris – you can imagine it as fancy as it gets, we would be happy to help your romantic dreams come to life!