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Roses are red my love, Violets are blue,

Sugar is sweet my love, But not as sweet as you!

Get dazzled by the magic and charm of the iconic Parisian flower shops and learn where to buy your “violets and roses” for St. Valentine’s Day in Paris!

The meaning:                 fleuriste = flower shop

Let the flower hunt begin!

Let the flower hunt begin! Picture: Kalin Petrov

The portrait:

Alone and anxious, confused and late or happy and with sparkling eyes – do you happen to recognize yourselves in the portrait of the classical flower buyer? If you’re hard with decisions, just let the florist translate your emotions in the language of flowers and go home with a bouquet which will tell your lady (or your gentleman!) all (s)he needs to know for Saint Valentine’s Day!

Pastel Paradise from the French flower shop "In the name of the rose"

Pastel Paradise from the French flower shop “In the name of the rose”

The romance:                  

Considered a part of everyday life and scattered around the city like petals, flower shops can be found on most street corners, neighboring essential traders selling baguettes, newspapers and tobacco. Turns out Parisians do take their flowers seriously, after all – and so they should! For visiting a Parisian florist is more than stopping by for a bunch of flowers. It’s taking the aromatic journey to an entire new world of scents, textures and bloomy compositions. It’s a journey into the magic of ephemeral beauty, where the most creative floral dreams come true…

Romantic Paris with photographer Robert Doisneau

Romantic Paris with photographer Robert Doisneau

The history:

Opened in Palais Royal in 1830, the first Parisian flower shop was allegedly that of Mrs. Prevost. Today the Lachaume boutique is proudly the oldest remaining florist in Paris from La Belle Epoque on. Maître Fleuriste since 1845, this family of Venetian origins, has remained true to its aesthetic philosophy ever since the time when the very Marcel Proust visited their shop daily, in search for a fresh cattleya to keep company to his buttonhole.

Boutique Lachaume. Picture by their website

Boutique Lachaume. Picture by their website

The classic: 

If you have a thing for roses, Au Nom de La Rose must be your place!  In this chain of florists you can find practically everything to do with the sensual flower – from scents, perfumes and home items to food, refined gifts and – naturally! – some fantastic rose compositions to embellish your home with! If you feel like jazzing up the whole “rose scenario”, however, not to worry – they have a “guest flower” each month! Their location is easy to spot, too, just look for the multicolored rose petals scattered in front of their doorstep.

A tasty treat from "Au Nom de la Rose". Picture from their website

A tasty treat from “Au Nom de la Rose”. Picture from their website

Not to be missed:

Aside from the stylish florists, you can find some inspiration in the idyllic setting of the wonderful (and oldest!) Flower and Birds’ Market of Ile de la Cité.  This garden which inevitably changes every week is a magnificent place to wander, sniff and be amazed! The “Marché aux Fleurs et aux Oiseaux” dates back to 1808 and is one of the last Parisian markets dealing with flowers and birds. Located just by the Seine and very close to the Notre Dame, this peaceful haven is open each day of the week, from 8h to 19h. If you decide to visit on Sunday, however, you will get the chance to meet the bird traders and their feathery gang of friends, featuring doves, macaws, perokeets and other exotic and rare birds. Enjoy!

The Flower and Birds Market

The Flower and Birds Market; Picture: Kalin Petrov