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Quintessentially Montmartre

The hill’s entry point and final destination, Abbesses metro station is something you just can’t miss in the course of your walk on the hill. To make your visit even more entertaining, here’s the full kit of curious facts about Montmartre’s cult metro station…  

Abbesses metro station in full glory

Abbesses metro station in full glory

Did you know that Louis Vuitton had a messenger style bag named after the Abbesses station?  Well, neither did we! Read on to get more curious Abbesses insights!

Quintessentially Montmartre

There’s nothing that screams “Montmartre” more than the Abbesses station – it’s the mouth that spits you out into this last romantic village left within the French capital. Located deep under the eclectic neighborhood of Montmartre, the Abbesses Metro station is your gateway to exploring the hill and wandering into countless whimsical discoveries. Opened in 1912, the station’s name refers to the abbesses of the former Dames-de-Montmartre abbey which was located nearby.

Quintessentially Montmartre... Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Quintessentially Montmartre… Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A Guimard tribute

Welcome to one of the most camera-friendly and old-time charming metro entrances in Paris! This art nouveau awning is one of the two original glass-covered Guimard entrances still present in Paris. Care for another curiosity? Originally used for the Hôtel de Ville metro station, it was transferred to its current location in 1970.

The historical entrance to Abbesses metro station

The historical entrance to Abbesses metro station

“I’m going deeper underground!” 

Those who have dared taking the stairs up certainly know what we’re talking about!  At 36 m (118 ft) below ground, this is arguably the deepest station in Paris, a record of sorts! To swim back up to the surface, you could also use an elevator, but a much more captivating option hereby presents itself –the “fictional” spiral staircase, which takes you to…

The station's interior

The station’s interior. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia

It’s called Montm-ART-re for a reason!

The high spot of the station’s interior is the series of Montmartre-inspired murals beautifying the walls of its windy staircase. If you’re feeling fit enough, consider taking the 200 stairs up to enjoy a genuinely artistic underground spiral walk. Surrounded by pictures and paintings paying homage to “the world up there”, this will be your exciting pictorial guide to the real Montmartre waiting above. Walk past the poppy fields, swirl by the windmills, pass by a brasserie, stop at the artist’s square, listen to the sounds of the hill, breathe the air of Montmartre – all during a short underground walk…

Abbesses metro station murals

Abbesses metro station murals

The pretty imagery has been created by some of the artists from the Association Paris-Montmartre, with delightful paintings, featuring the artwork of the editors of the Montmartre magazine – Monsieur Madani and his wife Viola.

Some good nearby addresses

Le Mur des Je t’aimes

Located just behind the metro entrance, inside the tiny garden of square Jehan Richtus, this blue-tiled wall will teach you how to say “I love you” in 250 different languages!  

Le Mur des Je t'aimes

Le Mur des Je t’aimes

Rue des Abbesses

A lively district rich in authentic Parisian bistros and also the place where the best baguettes in Paris are to be found!

The church Saint-Jean-de-Montmartre  

Right in front of the metro entrance, this brick and ceramic tile-faced structure, with its rich stained glass windows, is a rare example of an Art Nouveau church

Les Studios de Paris office & reception desk

Don’t forget that if you’re coming by metro, Abbesses is also the station which will take you straight to our office, where you’re always welcome!


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