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Aesthetics with an Italian touch

Meet Veronica Solari, Les Studios de Paris’ young and inspired Italian interior designer, who came straight from sunny Italy to conquer Les Studios with her creative energy and natural positivism. A graduate of Milan’s European Design Institute, Veronica is a genuine ambassador of her hometown of Milan, the city of Design with a capital “D”, where one of the most prominent architects, designers and stylists elaborate a creative culture, covering all forms of decorative arts, industrial products, jewelry and food design.



After following a family tradition of studying jewelry for a while, Veronica then decided to steer her wheel into a new direction – Interior Design, her lifelong passion. Ardent, open-minded and enthusiastic, she stepped out of IED[1] some 4 years later, all eager to design the shapes of the future. After a job invitation by Les Studios de Paris, she packed her bags, changes “signorina” for “mademoiselle” and started living the Parisian life – a move she has never regretted.

As one of Les Studios’ architects, Veronica is always challenged when on a new project.  She is in charge of the pre-planning stage of the flat renovations and is responsible for creating the silhouette of your future apartment. She fashions all 3-D previews of the expected final result and thus builds bridges between “the visual idea” and “the practical reality” of the future space. When done with that, Veronica takes care of the technical aspect of refurbishing – she organizes the apartment makeover, is on set to monitor the whole renovation process, and afterwards deals with “the fun part” – “dressing up” the place, by taking care of the furniture and fabrics!

The silhouette of a place - Veronica's 3D previews for the Wagner apartment, renovated by Les Studios

The silhouette of a place – Veronica’s 3D previews for the Wagner apartment, renovated by Les Studios

Open to any kind of projects – from basement renovations to penthouse overhauls, Veronica loves everything – nothing scares her, all inspires her.

She shares her thoughts on the latest project of Les Studios –  the Belles Lettres apartment – former home of a famous couple of writers who bestowed the apartment with their library of thousands of books, a selection of world-class literature. The challenge consisted in preserving the literary universe while making it comfortable to live in for a family with 3 children, to keep the magic and slightly old-fashioned style of a writer’s world and provide it with a discrete contemporary counter-point.

Belles Lettres lounge

Belles Lettres lounge

Tell us more about the Belles Lettres project?

This was a four-hands project with Eva Léandre[2]; we brainstormed all design ideas together, while remaining full of respect for this magical place. We favored a “classic look with a slight modern twist” and selected carefully and individually all items and accessories to match the apartment’s true spirit.

We strolled through the antics stores of the St. Ouen flea market (the greatest antics market in the world where most professional art and antics dealers from all over the globe do their shopping) to find the precise rococo mirror that would fit the mantle-piece, chose the bright-red glass-tiles for a radically contemporary note in contrast with the classic bathroom, put up a collection of modern paintings on the Jaguar green walls and selected the door handles and drawer knobs from the exclusive, “on demand” collection of “Serie Rare” by Daniel Podva – a wonderful artist and genius in cultivating beauty while transforming functionality into pure artwork.

How did you choose the “look / feel” of Belles Lettres?

We read all the novels, diaries and articles that had been written by the couple of writers who used to live at Belles Lettres, studied photo albums of their life and their aesthetic researches. Eva decided the place should look exactly the way they would have dreamed their home should travel through time and that it should reflect the quintessence of their novels and creative vision. We should capture the authors’ energy still perceptible in the apartment, catch the spark and take their vision further.

Belles Lettres

Belles Lettres

Belles Lettres resembles an 18th century literary salon with a piano and space to perform, lecture, entertain. It has this old-time charm of a chic and graceful salon and we categorically wanted to remain faithful to its essence and highlight its elegance as a key project feature.

The bathroom of Belles Lettres

The bathroom of Belles Lettres

What is your favourite thing about the Belles Lettres apartment?

It has a soul! It’s as if it was magically conserved in time. When you close the front door behind you, you leave all the noise and busy life of Paris behind. It is just the perfect place to relax and forget about everything. As for my favorite spot – it’s the kitchen! We’ve overhauled it altogether, I’ve designed some of the furniture myself, so that everything looks coherent and integrated. There we took the original decoration a quantum leap further into a hedonistic universe of a castle kitchen with a piano for a professional chef. May the original authors of Belles Lettres forgive our earthly interpretation of their dream home!

Some sketches of the furniture Veronica designed for the Belles Lettres kitchen

Some sketches of the furniture Veronica designed for the Belles Lettres kitchen

Who is Belles Lettres intended for? 

It is an exclusive, almost secluded place for a literary retreat. Its location in the midst of a little private park right in the heart of Montmartre and its amazing library make it an ‘Island of Enlightenment’, a place to  relax and study, read or write, listen to good music with family or friends. The place emanates wisdom and peacefulness and offers a rare quality of life.

Belles Lettres

Belles Lettres

Do you have a preferred Interior Design style?

In my job, if you want to do your best, you can’t afford to give in to personal preferences. Each place has a singular story and needs to be approached accordingly. The best style is always the one that creates a connection between the owner and their dream world – the apartment as it is, after Les Studios de Paris overhaul.

To renovate your apartment with Les Studios de Paris, please contact our office:


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[1] Istituto Europeo di Design, Milano

[2] Eva Léandre is Les Studios de Paris founder and CEO