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The swords marking the door to this contemporary salle d' armes

The swords marking the entrance to this contemporary salle d’armes

And now gentlemen, all for one, one for all – that is our motto, is it not?

Alexandre DumasThe Three Musketeers

Believe it or not, the three musketeers seem to be pretty much living today. And we have proof!

Their spirit lingers in one of The Latin Quarter’s obscure medieval streets where crowds are rare and stone walls encircle you.

Rue Git-le Couer.

If you’d like to practice some medieval fencing and swordplay, that’s the place to go!

Founded in 1886 and located in the heart of the historical Latin Quarter, “La Salle Coudurier” is the oldest hall for fencing in Paris. You won’t fail to spot its whereabouts, marked by the two crossed swords above the front door – an allusion of the activities taking place behind.

Like in a living picture of the “Belle Epoque”, today’s fencers promote the same spirit of friendship, grace and chivalry, just like their predecessors did.

Surrounded by memories dating from the century of  gallantry, contemporary fencers will learn from scratch the art Parisian gentlemen have been practising to defend their life and honour. And when the time comes for your first public duel, this Dumas quote may come in handy.

Be kind, aim for my heart!

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