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Boy, those French! They have a different word for everything! But you don’t have to worry anymore, since Les Studios de Paris’ French Classes are now available.  Whether you’d want to stop by “Les Deux Magots” and order your croissant and café crème “en pur français” or flip through “Le Monde” on a bench in the Luxembourg Gardens, our professional superior pedagogue Madame Coumaros is here to help. She will acquaint you with the “language of Molière” only to show you that words like “grammaire”, “vocabulaire” and “conjugaison” are not as scary as they sound!

Bienvenue en France! Photo: Laura Crow, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Many people come to France for the sole purpose of learning French. And what better place to study and practice the language than Paris?

Whether you’re coming to live here for a while, or even for a longer vacation, there’s plenty of good reasons to venture into the decision of mastering this sophisticated and subtle language.

Whatever your purpose – learning the language from scratch, improving your written expression skills, enhancing your confident communication, or else – knowing how to get by in French is always helpful if you’re likely to stay in Paris for a while.

Les Studios de Paris French Language Courses commit to providing a high quality French teaching service, which is your warranty for a successful stay in France.  Our French teacher Brigitte Coumaros is a qualified and experienced professional, with over 30 years of teaching experience, devoted to having a dynamic and effective approach to your study.

Our courses are offered in individual classes or in small groups, so as to deliver the ever so beneficial one-to-one attention to our clients.  Location-wise, they are comfortably positioned – in one of our Montmartre classrooms, at your apartment, or at the home of your teacher, according to your preferences.

We’re open to everyone from débutants to avancés and absolute beginners are as welcome as advanced Francophones.  Vous êtes tous les bienvenus!

Read the short interview with our teacher, Brigitte Coumaros, below.

Brigitte Coumaros

You’ve been a French teacher for more than 30 years. How did you choose that field?

After my studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, I was most naturally oriented towards the teaching profession. I love communication and human relations, am passionate about literature and the French language itself and I am happy to share my knowledge and help others improve – that’s how I chose my profession in the first place. I have been a pedagogue for over 30 years and have a vast amount of experience in the area of teaching languages (French and German). I’ve been teaching French in public schools, but I’ve also tutored adults as well as foreign students. My profession is closely related to creativity and that’s what really inspires me.

What is your teaching philosophy?

It consists in the following: help people studying French achieve their goals, above all, through valorizing their efforts.

Why study French in Paris?

It will make your stay here far more exciting and valuable and certainly – much more effective!

French is a very structured and sophisticated language. It is hard to pick it up without formal study of its grammar.

Even if you’re only in Paris for a few days, a few classes will complement your immersion into a French-speaking universe and your linguistic progress.

French isn’t hard to learn, but you do need to know its rules. You’ll assimilate them very easily while in Paris, surrounded by the music of one of the most enticing languages of the world.

What is the best way to study French out of the classroom?

Being in contact with French speakers always helps. Talk to the shopkeepers when doing your groceries, find a soul to converse with in the library or chat with your new relatives while in the gym. It’s always good to practice, so try to express yourself in French each time when occasion permits. Why not even find some new friends in one of Montmartre’s plentiful cafés? Here on the hill, people are so welcoming and friendly, that I’m sure they’d love to engage in an informal talk with you!  Don’t hesitate to take the chance!

For more information about our French classes, please contact our office at:

+ 33 1 4259 4305 or http://www.paris-apartment-rent.com/contact.htm

Hourly rates for courses:

1h / 1 pers. 30€ ATI

1h / 2 pers. 40€ ATI

1h / 3 pers. 45€ ATI

1h / 4 pers. 50€ ATI