Being a student in a city like Paris, what must that be like? Our charming tenants Fayruz and Aurelio should know the answer to that! Young, curious and lively, they have dared to leave work, friends and family in Mexico to come to study and live “la bohème” in eternal Paris.

With Les Studios de Paris’ new long-term apartment rental policy, we’ve managed to guide them to their own perfect “atoll” in Montmartre – a home to keep them cozy during their 2 years of studies.

Read their inspiring story below…

Fauryz and Aurelio

Fayruz and Aurelio

What’s your story?


It’s the story of someone who at some point in his life decides to leave            work, friends and family to go to Paris.


I worked in the area of Government and Public affairs in Mexico for a PR Company called Edelman. That’s where I met Aurelio. He is a journalist and loves writing, I just remember him surrounded by all those journals, always debating on political and social Mexican issues…

Rue Berthe, the street where Fauryz and Aurelio reside

Rue Berthe, the street where Fayruz and Aurelio reside

Why did you come to Paris?


Paris is a ravishing and dynamic city, which challenges me in many ways – the language, its rich culture (food, history, museums, libraries, music), my education (a Master Degree in L’Institut d’études politiques (IEP) de Paris Sciences Po) and getting in touch with an old passion of mine, which I’ve practiced since I was a child – ballet!


I have always wanted to live in Paris. I think that somehow the reason is that I love  literature. Right now I take a course in French language and literature in the University of Paris XII.

An atoll in “plein Paris”

How did you come across Les Studios de Paris? What made you choose us?


It was a Mexican friend of ours who recommended Les Studios. We loved them because they were efficient, quick and really responsive to our needs. As a student, I have a limited budget, so it was priceless to find such a quick resolution to our apartment issue.


For those who come to study in Paris and have little time to find where to settle, Les Studios de Paris is an excellent choice! Finding an apartment on your own in the “City of Light” is extremely difficult. Usually the owners have a lot of conditions, French bureaucracy is slow and the process is very stressing. Les Studios are your all-inclusive pass allowing you to settle quickly and start a happy adaptation.
 For us, Mexican students in Paris, it’s incredible to have found the agency and their friendly staff always eager to share cool tips about life in this incredible city.

Our guests' tiny atoll in the middle of Montmartre

Our guests’ tiny atoll in the middle of Montmartre

In which apartment are you staying? How did you choose it?

The Atoll studio is “très mignon”, as the French say… It is very cute and well designed, it has a sense of privacy. Its turquoise blue kitchen is very bright, the ceramic shower is so chic, and since the studio was already furnished, we just moved in and felt like home! Les Studios helped us evade most of the boring paperwork, the contract was easy to fill, so apparently we were very lucky!

How does a typical day in Atoll unfold for you?

We wake up pretty early and study pretty late. We relax in the kitchen and get creative around lunch hour. We like cooking and do so often. We are respectful of our private space, we keep everything clean and organized, since it’s an small studio. To be honest, this has challenged us as a couple, but has also strengthened our relationship.

Their turquoise kitchen...

Their turquoise kitchen…

What is your favourite thing about your place?


The decoration definitely makes me appreciate this fresh, brand new studio each time I come home. Also, the apartment layout is perfect – I use the study space (writing desk), the bed transforms to a sofa, so we can invite guests for dinner. I think Atoll is a very generous studio.


The neighborhood is formidable. When I say I live in Montmartre, I see a sparkle of good-natured envy in people’s eyes. And I understand why, it’s a fabulous place to live!

The pearly bathroom

The pearly bathroom

What do you like the most about living in Montmartre?


It is so lively, you have the bohemian artistic vibe all around and yet it’s like living in a small village! I enjoy walking to discover the quarter, each day is a new day for me. Yet, truth be told, I most enjoy watching the tourists climb those Montmartre stairs to reach the peak all exhausted (she laughs). It just reminds me of the very first weeks when we arrived. I was so tired going up and down so many times a day, carrying groceries and all, that every time I come across a sight like this, I cannot help smiling.


It’s the incredible panoramic view over Paris to be seen from the steps of Sacré Coeur. As people living in Montmartre, we can say that we have Paris at our feet. Besides, the place is wonderful, I love the fact we’re living in the milieu of painters such as Toulouse Lautrec, Van Gogh, Modigliani, Picasso, etc.

Atoll's living room

Atoll’s living room

What do you love about Paris the most?

Absolutely everything! Paris is not a city, it’s a museum. It always surprises me.

One thing that absolutely every student in Paris needs to do is…..? 

Fayruz:   Go to the theatre, La Sorbone and buy a pain au chocolat ! 🙂

Aurelio:    Just enjoy life !

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