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Thank you for attending the opening of our new Cloud-Hotel[1] reception on 23 November. For those who couldn’t come to the inauguration, we’d be happy to serve you a glass of champagne at the lobby whenever you have a moment to drop in.

If you’re lucky, our Chef, Jean-Yves Montfort (Jym), will just have prepared some velouté, soufflé, vérine au foie gras et aux fraises or other delightful gourmandise…


At the opening a hundred clients, owners and friends of Les Studios de Paris enjoyed meeting in the new centralized reception space which now allows to welcome our tenants  ‘à la française’ with a complimentary drink and a gourmet sample before being accompanied by one of our hosts to their apartments.

The honorary President of the République de Montmartre[2], Jean-Marc Tarrit, attended the festivities as well as Nadia Laraba, represenatative of the Syndicat d’Initiative de Montmartre[3], the Montmartre Tourist Office.

Alain Coquard (Président de la République de Montmartre)  et Jean-Marc Tarrit (Président d’honneur de la République de Montmartre)

Alain Coquard (Président de la République de Montmartre) and Jean-Marc Tarrit (Président d’honneur de la République de Montmartre). Custodian of the Montmartre tradition, the Republic of Montmartre members distinguish themselves by wearing a red scarf, a black cape and a hat, the famous outfit of Aristide Bruant, immortalized by painter Toulouse-Lautrec.

Nadia Laraba - Syndicat d'initiative de Montmartre

Nadia Laraba – Syndicat d’initiative de Montmartre


Sylvie Fourmond, President of the Association des Commerçants Abbesses-Lepic (local shop-keeper association) had offered us a big sparkling star in the street to keep shining  on the Studios de Paris and their community of owners, tenants and friends…


[1] Les Studios de Paris  is a “Cloud-Hotel” with some 300 rooms scattered around the city of Paris. Similar to the concept of “cloud computing”, where all your personal electronic devices are synchronized and interconnected, the concept of the “Cloud-Hotel” seeks out all possible resources of inspiration in order to create a unique world, a shrine of creativity and imagination, an inhabitable idea. Read more about this unique concept, authored by Les Studios de Paris, in our article “HACK YOU” – Reverse Engineering Reality through Art”

[2] Founded in 1921, on the initiative of the most famous artists in Montmartre, the Republic of Montmartre has since continued its charitable and cultural actions. Remaining loyal to its motto: “Rejoice in doing good!”, this reputable institution works in aid of disadvantaged children and brings together visual artists, writers and musicians. Jean-Marc Tarrit who has been President of the Republic from 2006 to 2012, has been named Honorary President for life since his retirement from active presidency this year. The Republic of Montmartre’s current president is Alain Coquard.

[3] Created in 1985, Le Syndicat d’Initiative de Montmartre aims to improve the tourism industry within the ancient village of Montmartre, as well as to maintain the cultural and artistic heritage of Old Montmartre and its local traditions. They contribute to the harmonious development of all parts of the district, ensuring the effective communication between merchants, residents, local authorities and associations.