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“Architecture is frozen music”, Goethe postulated and we respectfully agree. After presenting the Wagner apartment, our architecturally-musical panorama continues – this time with Frederic Chopin, another of Les Studios’ artistic flats. A library, a curiosity cabinet, a cozy hearth and a picturesque view over Paris? This apartment does have it all, comprising a piano in the bedroom – what better way to pay tribute to virtuoso pianist Chopin, to whom the apartment owes its name? 

The lounge of Frederic Chopin

Desirable because of its location, a few steps away from the artists’ square Place du Tertre and the lively district of Abbesses, where the film “Amélie” was shot, the apartment lies on the steep and cobbled Rue Berthe, one of Montmartre’s most charming streets, a real gem, capturing the charm and coziness of this hilly village.

A peek in Chopin’s kitchen

Frederic Chopin is a spacious two-bedroom family apartment with wonderful views over the south of Paris and the famed Montmartre rooftops.

This enclave of bohemian chic epitomizes French elegance and allure with its monochromatic and tastefully designed soft-colour schemes.

The Eiffel Tower seen from one of your windows

Its unique decor made of vintage furniture and countless books creates a warm and romantic atmosphere and a genuine artistic feel about the place.

Tastefully furnished with an antique or two, this intimate, off-beat apartment is comfortably equipped and well maintained.

Your public-sized private library

Rather bright and tranquil, its rooms are cozy and spacious – each decorated in harmonies of white, tawny and beige. Generous wood accents complement the apartment’s overall comfort and show us how handsome and versatile wood can be.

Chopin melodies waiting to be played

The roomy lounge with a library filled with books brings out the apartment’s old-world charm in its classy and refined setting.

Encased in a gilded frame, a portrait of a lady above the dining table, adds an old-fashioned Parisian touch to the place.

Bedroom number 1

If not for the fact that you could be staying in it, you might suspect that this well-accessorized flat was actually a private suite. And you’d be quite right.  This upmarket apartment is used by the owner as her primary residence. As a journalist, editor and publisher (hence the holy mountains of books), she takes a trip to Venice, Rome or New York every time someone wants do loan her picturesque paradise. A lodging like this enhances the homely feel of your stay and gives you the impression that you’re living the life of a “vrai Parisien” – which you certainly are…

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