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Merry Xmas from Le Village Royal!

This year’s Christmas decoration in the Royal Village – sparkly white and shiny red!

Admittedly the most chic of Parisian passages, Le Village Royal has an interesting history, as well. Comfortably  hidden in the shadow of La Madeleine, this open passage is considered a bridge between cultures, a court of modern trends and an authentic ex-18th century village.

In the 17th century, the Royal Guards of Louis XIII (a.k.a., the famous Musketeers) had their barracks in the place. But with the migration of the people away from the marsh (which was back then at the heart of Paris) and into the area, the construction of a market became indispensable. Thus, in 1745 a passage was dug, the stalls of butchers, fishmongers and bakers were installed and the Village Royal came into being.

Today, it’s more of a fashion hub than a real market, but its historical elegance and very Parisian feel are nonetheless present. Take your time to stroll, sit in a streetside café or enjoy the quiet charm of the Village experience…

Village Royal. Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Village Royal in the summertime. Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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