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The giant “Merci” in front of L’Hotel de Ville. Picture: Paris.fr

There are millions of ways to say “Thank you!”

The city of Paris has chosen its own – a giant 10-metre tag in front of its famous City Hall, L’Hotel de Ville.

The reason behind this pleasantry?

Paris has become the most “liked” city in the world – on Facebook!

From Beijing to Los Angeles and from Sydney to Cape Town, more than 2 million people have hit the ever so precious “Like” button on the city’s fan page.

The giant “Merci”. Picture: Paris.fr

At 2,035,433 on Thursday afternoon, Paris has surpassed London’s 1,136,964, not to mention the scores of any other city that might aim to rival it, like New York or Madrid.

To celebrate the happy event, the City of Paris has addressed a huge “Merci” to all of its fans with a giant 10m tag, painted in front of Paris City Hall on November 28th.

Watch the video of the sign-making here!


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