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The colour of time @ Saint Lazare Train Station, Paris

Saint Lazare train station. 4:40pm. Or 9:56. Or 12:10, 14:20 and then 5:55. All at the same time. At least now you know there’s this one place in the world where time sure is on your side…

Under the clock sculpture in front of the Gare Saint Lazare in Paris the choice is all yours. It’s a beautiful notion, isn’t it, having all possible time(s) all to yourself?

The French artist Arman designed this sculpture in 1985 and named it “L’Heure de Tous” (“Everyone’s Time”) – time for the rich man and time for the poor, time for those in a hurry and for the idle stollers, too…

Excuse me, do you have the time?

Someone suddenly asks, interrupting your random thoughts on the matter of Time.

And then you smile to yourself and shoot bluntly:

Sure… All the time in the world!

At least for the moment…

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