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Les Studios De Paris Launch Their New Sales Department

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The key to your home in Paris

Staying faithful to our company philosophy ‘More than Housing, an Aesthetic experience’, and meeting our passion for Interior Design and Lifestyle as well as the interests of our owners, we now invite you to learn about our most recent innovation: being able to sell and buy properties within our network of like-minded owners.

It is a major advantage to buy a property that is already well referenced and marketed for short-term rental with a track-record of annual returns on investment, occupancy rate, building co-ownership experience and net profit. Most of our properties are fully renovated and geared for seasonal rental thus will be performing on the rental market from the very day of your purchase.

As our executives are already working about 18h/day, we have enlisted the help of an old friend, Siegfried Knebel, who for many years has been an apartment hunter and Real Estates specialist. He will lead our launch in this sector of activity.

Please meet Siegfried.

What prompted Les Studios to launch the new Real Estate department and what can we offer our clients?

Over the last few years we have become one of the leading companies in short term rentals in Paris. Today, we would like to diversify our offer to be able to satisfy the clients who wish to buy or sell property in Paris as well.

We offer our clientele a complete professional service, whether they want to buy or sell an apartment in Paris. Our experience will help them get through all the steps of the transaction, including the administrative part with the notary, or finding a potential buyer in the case of a sale. If necessary, we can also provide advice about minor modifications, improvements or renovations of a newly acquired property in Paris.

What makes buying property with Les Studios an enticing offer?

Our experience in renting apartments in Paris helps us predict the return on investment for a prospective buyer. We know exactly what potential tenants might want, and, if needed, we can provide them with all necessary advice on the renovations to be held in their new home with a strategic design plan, conceived by our Interior Design Team.

If you invest into Parisian property for rental purposes with us, we will make sure your investment is as profitable as possible through our professional and effective rental program.

If you wish to buy an apartment for your own use, we will be of excellent advice to make sure you buy the right property at the best price and minimize any potential disappointments you might otherwise encounter.

Furthermore, our international client database expands our network to a large group of potential buyers, as compared to other regular Parisian real estate agencies limited to their local customers.

What type of apartments are we dealing with?

From the small furnished studio to the larger family apartments or mansions called “hôtel particulier”, we deal with any type of property in Paris, as long as we find it good enough to stay in ourselves.

Location-wise, we are able to cover all of Paris, but our specialty favours the regions close to The Seine and the main sites of tourist attractions. We are open to all types of investors.

What is the procedure of selling/buying a property with Les Studios?  How can a client contact you?

The selling or buying procedure is standard regarding property in France. We have a network of notaries our clients can work with if they don’t have their own. We will be as reactive as possible to assist them in their real estate projects.

All clients can contact us through the company’s website or on Les Studios de Paris’ reception phone 01 42 59 43 05.

Why buy an apartment in Paris?

In spite of the price increase over the last decade, Paris remains as of today one of the world capitals attractive to the investor, compared to London, New York or Tokyo. It is and remains the capital of art, love and fabulous food with its 60 million visitors per year.