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Monsieur Chat, the famous feline face of the French capital. Photo: enzbang

Enter Monsieur Chat.

The mustard-coloured tomcat (and his 60 stand-ins strolling across the French capital) is now a reputable Parisian resident, who tends to smile down on us from its haven of roof gables and chimney pieces.

Monsieur Chat flying over Paris

Characterized by its large Cheshire grin, the friendly cat is often portrayed running, but you can also see him practising various activities, such as bouncing on a ball, sporting angel wings, waving signal flags or greeting the travellers entering a  certain train station.

This cartoon charmer started his travels in Orléans in 1997 and has since spread to the four corners of the globe, sparkling the curiosity of travellers and residents  alike.

Monsieur Chat in Sarajevo: That’s the type of tram I want to ride to work each morning!!!

For many, the grinning feline has come to be one of the most pleasant, positive, and vibrant tags to be seen posted around the city. Locating Monsieur Chat has become a popular urban treasure hunt, open to the interpretation of those who spot it. Because there certainly must be something to decode about Monsieur Chat’s enigmatic and catchy smile.

Miaow! Monsieur Chat acting pretty on the facade of Écoles des Beaux Arts, Paris

What is that special something that he knows and we don’t, I wonder…? 

Mister Chat in his private residence in Montmartre

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