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Les Studios de Paris Guest Services:

The reliability of a hotel, the intimacy of a personalized guest experience

Les Studios de Paris  is a “Cloud-Hotel” [1] with some 300 rooms scattered around the city of Paris.

What makes us better than a hotel, however, is that each of our apartments has a personality and a story to tell.

What differentiates us from the mainstream of other Parisian rental agencies is that most of them don’t bother providing customer services after having you let their apartment. We do.

With Les Studios de Paris, you enjoy the best of both worlds – the reliability of a hotel and the intimacy of a custom-made guest experience.


A major challenge of management, but also an indispensable advantage for customers, our guest services help our tenants’ problems get solved swiftly, without disturbing the lives of apartment owners.

Whether you’ve lost your key, had your Internet connection drop or urgently need a cab, your issue will be handled. With a bespoke approach offering a varied brand of services, our clients are safe in the knowledge that – should they have a question or problem – they will be taken care of.

Personal and professional – that’s our definition of Guest Services

After booking an apartment with Les Studios de Paris, you will be assigned a personal local host to address to, should you need assistance.

Highly experienced, friendly and reliable, Golan is one of our local hosts, determined to render your trip pleasant and stress-free.  We invited him to share his professional experience in the blitz interview below.

Golan, a local host at Les Studios de Paris

What does a local host do exactly?

We try to help our guests make the most of their stay.  We enhance our clients’ well-being and make sure that they have what they need for a pleasant stay. We welcome our guests, help them check in, familiarize them with the apartment and the area and become their personal contact, the person they can count on during their stay. We always aim to make ourselves available for resolving their questions or doubts.

Waking up to the landscape of Paris is one of the most romantic ways to enrich your Parisian vacation (View from The Angel apartment)

What kind of hotel services do you provide to your guests?  

We can help with all those things you don’t have the time, inclination or expertise to do yourself. We can resolve technical problems in the flat, such as mending the air conditioning, replacing a lost set of keys, reminding you a forgotten door code, re-establishing a dropped Internet connection, fixing a leak in the apartment, etc. We can run miscellaneous errands for you, like calling a cab, booking theatre tickets, making dinner reservations, etc. Or we can provide you with expert hints and share our insider knowledge about Paris and Montmartre in particular. A great restaurant, a historical café or a delightful local find – our guest know they can reckon on us for all this and more.

What is the client’s benefit of having a local host available?

We try to help our guests enjoy their life in Paris instead of organizing it. It’s about providing this extra level of service that makes our guests feel special and cared for. For us, this is part of what we call hospitality. Good quality and valued travel experiences have always been high on Les Studios de Paris agenda.

Be our guests, welcome to Paris! (Under The Stars apartment)

[1] Similar to the concept of “cloud computing”, where all your personal electronic devices are synchronized and interconnected, the concept of the “cloud hotel” seeks out all possible resources of inspiration in order to create a unique world, a shrine of creativity and imagination, an inhabitable idea. Read more about this unique concept, authored by Les Studios de Paris, in our article “HACK YOU” – Reverse Engineering Reality through Art”

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