Perched on top of Montmartre and snugly sheltered in the bosom of the hill, the Star Rain Duplex offers you a unique opportunity – to experience Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” live!  You simply need to climb as high as the sky and set up a cozy nest beneath the stars of Paris…

Star Rain – your home high in the sky

Once you enter the building, you are instantly taken aback by its vintage, movie-like charm and by the beauty of the rare old-fashioned elevator. Does it offer a ride up or a journey back in time, you wonder? You take the risk to find out. You go inside, pull back the metal grill, press button number 7 and wait. As soon as your “time machine” stops and the charismatic voice of a French lady reassuringly announces your floor’s number (instead of the year 1876), you step back into the present and enter The Star Rain apartment.

Warm and cozy, the Star Rain living room is a great place to …. or relax

“After two years of constant searching, I came across Star Rain. I saw it, fell in love with it and bought it at once. It was “coup de foudre”, love at first sight!” the owner of Star Rain confesses.

Probably one of the reasons he feels this way is that “When in Star Rain, you don’t feel under a roof, but over a cloud above Paris. And this is one unique and unforgettable experience”, he adds on.

Star Rain – first floor

Actually, the person who first chanced upon Star Rain was a sea photographer, a traveler who does not care for the city, but adores the Sea, the freedom of Light, the Air, the Sky and the forces of Nature. And at Star Rain, you’ve got it all there, as the view of the sky doesn’t let you miss the blue of the Ocean…

The deep blue of the sky

Design-wise, sophisticated taste and contemporary elegance collaborate to create a stylish and classy Star Rain interior. Leather, glass and wooden furniture team up to blend Vintage and Modern in seamless harmony.

Star Rain – interior detail

With its glass walls and roof windows, the top floor acts as the daily mise-en-scène of two extraordinary spectacles – a parade of all Parisian miracles during the day and a sparkling starry show at night.

Thanks to its double exposure, the apartment showcases a fabulous panoramic view over Paris – from the Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower on the South side, and the Sacré Coeur and the charming rooftops of Montmartre to the North.

The Sacré Coeur Cathedral is just a stone’s throw away

But when the sun capitulates for the day and the night comes to reign, Star Rain offers you one last amazing extravaganza before you go to sleep. With a mezzanine bedroom under the stars and the rooftop windows over your head, forget about practicing the old method of counting sheep in lulling yourself to sleep. Here, you’d better take the chance to count some real stars instead.

Your dream bed under the stars of Paris

Sleeping under the open skies and being in the center of Paris at the same time is not something you’d experience every day. Yet here, these two normally unmatchable realities are married into one pretty much real union for your pleasure exclusively.

The view from your bedroom window during the day

After being mesmerized by the views, you can explore the other universes lying in wait in the complex. A calm, intimate study for you to ponder or meditate…

A study can be secluded, as well as cozy, Star Rain proves

Or a large Roman-style bathroom to enjoy and relax…

Relax like a king in the mild-coloured and very light bathroom

A few stairs below, the lower floor of the apartment reveals a surprising twist – when stepping into this recently refurbished space, conceived as a fancy deluxe boat cabinet, one feels like submerging into the unexpected world of the swinging sea.

Star Rain’s second bedroom on the lower floor

Due to its exceptional shape and internal features, Star Rain can easily accommodate a total of eight people. It is a perfect choice for those, looking for a spaciously designed, yet cozy and intimate space to stay.

Last but not least, Star Rain is the perfect starting point for your exploration of the hill. Its ideal location permits you to discover the picturesque hill of Montmartre exclusively by foot.

You can plan your daily route while enjoying the views from terrace

You have the Sacré Coeur Basilica and the artistic Place de Tertre some 200 meters away, The Montmartre museum and eccentric composer Erik Satie’s house located on your very street and the amazing flights of stairs with a view over Paris on rue Mont Cenis, meters away from your doorstep.

The beautiful stairway of Rue Mont-Cenis

Don’t hesitate to sip your sunset aperitif in the cult Maison Rose, which inspired painter Utrillo, or to pay a neighborly visit to the extraordinary Montmartre’s vineyards, both lying just around the corner.

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