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HACK YOU: Reverse-Engineering reality through ART

…with artist Enrique Rosas

Seeing a thought, touching an idea, creating music from the silence of movement, feeling the outlines of your etheric body…  This is not an extract from a Ray Bradbury’s science fiction book. It’s the reality of experimental artist Enrique Rosas and the subject of “HACK YOU”, his latest exhibition organized parallel to the context of FIAC 2012 (International Contemporary Art Fair Paris).

“HACK YOU” makes the invisible perceptible and the immaterial tangible and invites you to experience a handful of the Future. Now.

In an exclusive statement, Enrique Rosas discloses details on his future artistic collaboration with Les Studios de Paris.

Enrique Rosas; Picture by Alexandro Pelaez

“Consider everything an experiment…

…a writing on the wall in Enrique’s office says.  And then…

Nothing is a mistake. There is no win and no fail, there is only make.

An artist, an architect and a tireless researcher, Enrique Rosas is a Renaissance man of the 21st century. Graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, he is experienced in the fields of architecture, cinema, art, science, technology and urban planning since 1997.

An image of the etheric body, taken by Rosas. In esoteric philosophies, this is the first layer in the “human energy field” or aura, said to be in immediate contact with the physical body

As a creator inspired by the era of the Enlightenment, Rosas explores the relations between art, science and technology, dwelling on various fields such as electromagnetism, biomimetics and alchemy. His works range from sculptures, video projects and installations to 3D prints, stereoscopic and lenticular images.

An example of an interference item to be displayed in the “HACK YOU” exhibition. In physics, interference is the superposition of two or more waves resulting in a new wave pattern

Rosas has participated in projects with internationally renowned architects, among which Frank Gehry, Toyo Ito, Jean Nouvel and Coop Himmelblau.

His proficiency and particularity of style have been recognized by his colleagues through the numerous awards he has received throughout the years.

One of Enrique’s projects, The “Mistizaje”, presented in Madrid in 2005, within the context of the Contemporary Art Fair ARCO. It is an interactive installation which progressively syntonizes the observer into a particular brainwave frequency, which will tune his/her perception into an altered state.  

A repeated winner in many audiovisual media contests, organized by the Rockefeller Foundation, Rosas is the winner of the International Architecture Competition for the design of the National Library of Mexico “José Vasconcelos” /2003, along with Alberto Kalach/ and the title-holder of the Vida 4.0 competition for the production of his dynamic, electronic sculpture “El Continuo”, selected by the members of the jury, impressed by its approach for creating artificial life.

The Anatomy of Imagination: tons of invisible papers need to be written before one of Enrique’s creations comes to life  

From October 18th to 21st, the artist opens the doors of his studio Cosmonautica and invites you to discover a glimpse of his world, dedicated to blending art and technology.

The occasion: his exhibition “Hack You”, realized with the support of InC France-Mexique, a non-profit organization, promoting the cultural and artistic exchanges between France and Mexico.

We took the chance to meet Enrique and browse his artistic laboratory, probe into his current exhibition and ferret out more about his future projects, among which an artistic project conceived by Les Studios de Paris, in which he was selected to take part in.

The invitation to the HACK YOU exhibition

You have been invited by Les Studios de Paris to cooperate in an artistic project they’ve authored. What’s the focus of this creative collaboration? 

Les Studios’ desire to provide an aesthetic experience for their guests has led them to consider creating a new generation of apartments. Those “mini-universes” will be like living organisms, in which decoration, music, special effects and lights will all be synchronized to establish the soul and the mood of a single place, centered on a specific idea. Those studios will be curated and conceptually intervened, so as to provide customers with a type of holistic experience. Renting them will be like living in a spectacle, totally immersing yourself into a particular idea. Similar to the concept of “cloud computing”, where all your personal electronic devices are synchronized and interconnected, the concept of the “cloud hotel” seeks out all possible resources of inspiration in order to create a unique world, a shrine of creativity and imagination, an inhabitable idea. This state-of-the-art concept emanates from Les Studios de Paris and I was invited to contribute to their innovative incentive as an architect and creator. It is a project both Les Studios and I are looking forward to with great enthusiasm and excitement.

The office of Cosmonautica – a curiosity cabinet, an alchemy lab or the setting of a futuristic fairytale?

Your studio COSMONAUTICA is a real creative alchemy lab where everything seems possible. Tell us more about its philosophy and activities.

Today, passing from the real to the virtual and vice versa is a simple, quick and efficient way to help present your projects and ideas. COSMONAUTICA develops innovative artistic projects, inspired by scientific research. We provide design services, the core of which is using 3D technologies as a vehicle between the worlds of ideas and reality. Our technology gives us the opportunity to study and reproduce nature’s forms, physical and natural phenomena, which serves as a great source of inspiration for innovative ideas and discoveries.

© Enrique Rosas - 2012

Like a contemporary Hamlet, Enrique Rosas is ceaselessly searching for life’s most elusive answers

We explore different environments (3D acquisition), materialize them in three dimensions (3D materialization) or create new forms and species by manipulating the scanned data (3D transduction). This opens a whole new world of possibilities. It creates enormous complexity with very simple elements. This built-in logic allows us to work in a variety of sectors, such as luxury/lifestyle, architecture, cinema, advertising or archeology.

Exploring the world of 3D Printing: this pioneering, cutting-edge device has already revolutionizes manufacturing and rapid prototyping.  

You named your latest exhibition “HACK YOU”. What kind of security codes do you try to crack with it? 

Just like a hacker, who seeks out the faults in a system in order to break its security codes, I created “HACK YOU” to fiddle with our old perception of the world and to propose a new perspective to human society, one that we usually neglect.

Landscapes of the mind : here’s how your thought looks like, if materialized.  

Today’s obsession with technology and its tools is a reflection of modern society. Ultimately, we have been taken by our tools. We’ve been reduced from humans to consumers. The potential of modern technology is vast, the tools for our Enlightenment are present, we just need to find a better way to exploit them, reconsider their use, redefine our goals and reframe our mindset.

It takes a minuscule change of perspective to commence seeing things differently. Try this. The Eiffel tower – a universal symbol of the power of technology and civilization – acquires the shape of a virus, when multiplied by eternity. 

The way human society is thinking is the source of its alienation, which will consequently cause the destruction of the planet.  Our actions are just a materialization of our thoughts. If we change our thoughts, reform our perception and purify the interior of our Being, then the environment will follow this process of “exorcism”.

An image of a magnetosphere to be displayed in the exhibition

As Human and Nature are two interconnected systems and the Individual is a micrography of the Cosmos, the self-healing of the human body and spirit will lead to the self-healing of the collective consciousness and the material resources of the planet.

It’s time to open our eyes and start seeing things differently, Enrique Rosas summons us

Now, more than ever before, human perception needs to be urgently regenerated. It needs to relive a second “renaissance” that will start from within, so that the human Being can be lifted above its actual stagnation.

“HACK YOU” unleashes all resources of creativity in order to defy the constraints of reality, go beyond the frontiers, explore what’s on the other side and revolutionize the realms of the possible.

Miscellaneous curios, waiting to be decoded, lie scattered on a table in Cosmonautica’s office

Enrique Rosas is on display at:

COSMONAUTICA 8, Rue du Bourg l’Abbé, Paris, 75003

October, 18th through 21st, from 10am to 20pm

(Until November 11th under appointment)

Metro:  Etienne Marcel, line 4

And also at Galerie Janos – collective show “Autour du psychedelisme” 1970-2012 Les Affiches de San Francisco et Quatre Artistes Contemporains: Miguel Chevalier, Pascal Dombis, Dominique Fury, Enrique Rosas.

Rue Christine – Paris 75006 (Metro Odeon / Parking Mazarine)

October 13th through 27th 2012

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