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If you visit the Notre Dame Cathedral on a busy day, you will most likely see a small crowd of people, united by the curious activity of  staring at the ground opposite the main entry on the cathedral square. 

What they’d be circling around is the Paris Point Zero marker. Point Zero or Kilometer Zero is that location chosen in a city that all distances are measured from. This small octagonal brass plate set in the ground is considered the official center of Paris and, as mentioned, it marks the exact spot from which all distances throughout France are measured (in relation to Paris).

Paris Kilometer Zero – the very thing!

Just like the visitors of Florence have the habit of rubbing the snout of Porcellino the golden boar to ensure a return to magical Firenze, Parisian tourists have invented their own traditions for good luck to do with the point zero plate.  Some spin on it on one foot while making a wish, others kiss while standing on it together, third touch it to celebrate their joy of conquering Paris and so on…

Why not take the time to invent your own good luck tradition the next time you pass by?

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