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Pink or green or crimson or blue? Well, that’s entirely up to you!

It’s a drizzly and grey Parisian day. You’re strolling down one of those streets close to the Notre Dame in the rain, when suddenly…

A colour explosion!!!

No, it is not a hallucinatory rainbow, but the vitrine of a traditional French pâtisserie.

What’s different about it: they dared to redefine the innocent “bridesmaid’s white” of the classical meringue by making it way more interesting.

Those “dessert dare-devils” ventured into the wilderness of inventing some impossible new colours – and seemingly – they pulled it off quite well!

Go satisfy your curiosity’s appetite and choose among dozens of imaginative meringue tints and flavours:

Banana, raspberry, coffee, pistachio, mint-chocolate, passion fruit, blueberry, bubble gum, praline, strawberry, violet…

And after each revolutionary new bite, you could mumble to yourself, astonished:

Meringue will never be the same again!

Expand your colour dictionary with the meringue colour palette – in case you didn’t know “shamrock green”, “mango tango” and “metalic sunburst” are actually 100 % REAL colour names!

You can challenge your meringue stereotypes at:

Pâtisserie – Salon de Thé Bertrand
10, rue Lagrange, 75005 Paris  

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