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Paris just got a little more romantic – with Jym Montfort, Les Studios de Paris’ home chef – who will upgrade your French experience by cooking exclusively for you!


Your professional French chef Jym Montfort

Sophisticated or rustic, but always exquisite, French cuisine has triumphed the world and France is undoubtedly the World’s number one gourmet destination.

In other words, the art of dining is serious business in France.

But what if gourmet cuisine was no longer constrained to expensive restaurants only?

Les Studios de Paris brings the magic of French food straight to your doorstep.

With The Private Dinner in Paris, our newest gourmet service, you can enjoy a different kind of gastronomic experience – more intimate, more special and created exclusively for you.

Relish the encounter with French cuisine in the private coziness of your Parisian home.

Indulge in the culinary adventure of having your private dinner cooked in front of your very eyes by a professional French Chef.

Jean-Yves Montfort (Jym), an Atélier Guy Martin and Le Cordon Bleu graduate, will introduce you to all the Gallic flavors your palate needs to discover.

Soupe à l’Oignon ?[1] Coq au vin ?[2] Macarons maison ?[3] 

You name it.

From elegant and haute French cuisine to rustic and hearty regional dishes, prepare yourselves for an unforgettable rendez-vous with an anthology of French flavors, all tailored to suit your personal tastes.

You can also enroll in Jym’s Cooking Class to learn how to master among many other delicious meals the most emblematic of French pastries: le macaron.  (Spoiler alert: Jym got the recipe from Philippe Andrieu himself –  chef pâtissier at Ladurée[4] for 14 years!)

* * *

Jym, you have a special relationship with food. How did you become a cooking aficionado?

I’ve always been one, I think. It started when I was too young to remember. My grandmother was a really good cook. So was my father. Those two were always fighting in the kitchen on who’d present a better dish. My family had many get-togethers and food has always been a major part of them. It was the means of bringing us together and making everybody happy. I could see how my folks were enjoying offering pleasure moments to others through lovingly prepared meals and I liked that. Then, when I grew up, I didn’t want to live without good food as a part of my every-day life, so I started cooking myself. People liked it and so did I. My passion for food made me want to expand all the more my culinary horizons and I decided to enrich my experience with some of the most proficient Parisian chefs. So I took professional training in two prestigious gastronomic institutions – Le Guy Martin Atelier and Le Cordon Bleu.

Tell us more about The Private Dinner in Paris[5]. How is it different from dining in an ordinary restaurant?

With The Private Dinner, you don’t need to go to the restaurant, as the restaurant will come to you. Your private chef will prepare and present your dinner especially for you. Instead of having a meal, intended to please a majority of people and cooked with no personal touch, you will get an entirely different treatment. A personal, intimate dinner, prepared exclusively for you. A tastefully cooked meal, made by someone who knows exactly what you like and how you like it.

What’s more, with us you can always order something that’s not on the menu, because you’ll be the one composing it!

The Private Dinner frees you from the responsibility of having to do all the groceries or choosing the proper wine yourself. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy your time, while I, your personal chef, take care of the rest.

Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner for two, a family party or a casual get-together with friends, The Private Dinner will be an excellent choice.

Chef Jym Montfort ready to do wonders in your kitchen

What type of cuisine do you propose to your clients?

We’re specialized in French cuisine, that’s why our clients came to France for in the first place, French food!  We provide everything – from classic French dishes like a good old-fashioned Boeuf Bourguignon or a Blanquette de Veau to highly sophisticated cuisine like Blanc de turbot doré aux noisettes, duxelles de champignons sauvages et fumet de cèpes – all based on our clients’ preferences. We will choose for you the best wines to accompany every specific dish.

How do people select their menu? 

I like to talk to them first to see what they want and like. After that, I plan their meal and propose a menu, based on their culinary preferences. Of course, if they already have something in mind, like a French specialty they’ve always wanted to try, we can opt for that just as well. The most important thing is that you have a nice time and enjoy your dinner.

What is your favourite meal and cuisine?

I have a thing for simple French food, the very type I used to eat as a kid. A humble, but well-cooked peasant vegetable soup is still priceless for me. Other than French cuisine, I appreciate Bavarian and Austrian food and I could never say “no” to a Fegato di Vitello alla Veneziana.

If there’s one thing you must taste in Paris, it would be…?

It would be very sad to reduce the culinary paradise that is Paris to just one thing. What counts is to experience at least one meal prepared by a great chef. Whether you prefer a lavish dinner at Le Grand Véfour (with chef Guy Martin) or a more affordable gourmet dinner formula for 50€ at Le Chamarré (Chef Antoine Héerah) on Montmartre, do not miss the experience only a great Chef can provide. Taking in Paris implies indulging in the gourmet universe the city so generously offers.

Le Chamarré – rue Lamarck

The perfect dinner won’t go without…?

People who enjoy! That’s the most essential ingredient.

For further information, please contact Jym Montfort at:


[1] French onion soup

[2] Rooster with wine

[3] Home-made macarons

[4] Ladurée is the most famous patisserie and tea salon in Paris

[5] A 3-4 course meal for 5 to 10 people will take from 2 to3 hours of preparation. Price starts from 50 euro per hour, plus the expenses of the ingredients used

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