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Art has always been the core of our company and the ultimate expression of our philosophy. We try to incorporate it in everything we do. This attitude steers our work. That’s why, when creating an apartment, we approach it as an empty canvas. For the painted ones, however, we’ve created Les Studios de Paris Art Gallery.

Les Studios de Paris Art Gallery

Situated in the heart of Montmartre, Les Studios de Paris gallery intends to live up to the fact that Montmartre is the one place in the world with the highest concentration of artists per square meter.

We aim to generate a creative platform for artists to display their work. Our gallery is dedicated to the contemporary artist. The ones we believe in and want you to discover, too, because we are touched and fascinated by their works.

We provide an open space for singular art, inviting and accessible to diverse audiences.

We seek to produce exhibitions that will engage you, inspire and encourage you to experience the realms of art.

Exposition Jack Servoz at Les Studios de Paris Art Gallery

Our gallery’s driving philosophy is to bond art with people. We aspire to share our passion for art and to promote the outstanding gift of our artists. We take pride in sponsoring artists who happen to be kindred spirits.

You are warmly invited to be our guest at 2, rue Androuet, Montmartre, Paris.

We sincerely hope that you will find it exciting to be a part of our world!

Currently and exclusively  at Les Studios de Paris Gallery:   

Jack Servoz

Grasp the ungraspable, that’s my motto, whether in dance, theater, painting or poetry. Mystery, magic, enchantment.”

Jack Servoz

Jack Servoz and his paintings

Jack Servoz, whose works are currently on display in our gallery, is one of the artists we support and admire.

A painter, a dancer and a poet, Servoz is an eclectic artist, a man of many muses.

Jack grew up at the Palais de l’Elysée[1], his Dad being the Chef de cuisine of all French Presidents from de Gaulle to Mitterrand. He then worked as a classic ballet dancer for 17 years at the Paris Opera. After retiring as a dancer, Jack dedicated his life to poetry and painting.

Jack Servoz dancing

Nourished by his Celtic roots and by the numerous travels and collaborations with exceptional artists (such as Aragon, Bob Wilson, Zeffirelli, Alain Resnais, Nureyev, Min Tanaka and others), Jack revels in everything that touches him by means of color, light, movement or words…

I define myself as a sorcerer of art, a medium of the mysterious, but mostly I try to break with the pictorial frame of our time, go beyond the new technological means, free myself from the images imposed by the cultural factory…

Jack Servoz portrait

A portrait of Jack Servoz

Prolific and varied in style, Servoz’ latest creations, currently on show in the gallery, are based on a minute observation of the complexity of the human being and ‘la condition humaine’. Dancing or struggling through their lives in a diversity of atmospheres (tormented or festive, warm, cold or indifferent), the individual masterpieces of this series  are multilayered with messages to be decoded by and by as you integrate them in your own space.

Jack and Aragon

These days you will find Jack still immersed in his quest of inventing “a new human language” and dedicated to creating new theories of beauty. Because – and here, he couldn’t agree more  –

A while ago, Dostoyevsky said: “Beauty will save the world! ‘

Well, at this very moment, this is what concerns me the most.

[1] The official residence of the French president

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