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A classical Montmartre scenery

Let’s play a game of associations.

What comes to your mind when you first think of Montmartre?

The most artistic hill in the world? Paris’ iconic bohemian quarter? The winding cobbled streets? The Moulin Rouge? The steep staircases? The Sacré Coeur? The spectacular vistas of Paris over the red chimney tops?

Yes, that’s the classical postcard. And it’s beautiful, don’t get us wrong.

But still, there’s so much more to Montmartre.

A whole world left to be discovered off the beaten track in this village-like paradise, hidden away from the pulse of the throbbing metropolis.

We love Montmartre. We live it every day.

And it will be our pleasure to help you discover it in a way no tourist guide book possibly could.

You wish to walk the streets Picasso and Modigliani walked?

Or sip a glass in Edith Piaf’s preferred watering hole?

See where Erik Satie composed his ethereal Gymnopedies?

Or buy an apple from Amélie Poulain’s favourite grocery store?

Our new column The Montmartre Chronicles is all about showing you the hidden charms of Montmartre.

Take it as a treasure hunt.

We provide you with the stories and maps and leave the discoveries up to you!

Cheers to Montmartre!

The best place to get drunk on the poetry of everyday life…