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At Les Studios de Paris, we know that every property is unique and that all our clients have specific needs.  That is why we treat your property individually. We appraise it on its own merits and ensure that the character of the place is well maintained, while we take steps to increasing its value.

“More than housing, an aesthetic experience” sums up our philosophy quite well, as we are sensitive to both aesthetics and functionality while designing a space. Our clients choose to work with us, because we focus on increasing the market value of their homes, but never at the price of beauty and style.

Wagner apartment after Les Studios de Paris re-looking

WAGNER is a newly renovated, chic one-bedroom apartment, located between Montmartre and the Moulin Rouge, within a very elegant-listed building with private gardens.

 It is also one of our exemplary apartment renovation projects.

 This is the story of its complete makeover.



 (It’s the moment we draw the silhouette of your future apartment)

Step one was to meet the owners of the apartment and carry out an in-depth assessment of their property. The apartment layout seemed fairly unpractical and the space suffered from the all too familiar “wear and tear” (old tiles, squeaking parquet, scruffy look, etc.).

Wagner apartment living room (before Les Studios de Paris intervention)

The owners desired to respect the original style of their property and keep its Parisian feel (the old ornate walls and ceilings, the working fireplace, the vintage ex-coal stove), but they required complete reconstruction in terms of apartment layout.

Wagner Apartment room (before)

A big lounge was requested in place of the ex-living room / bedroom. A separate bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and toilet were also demanded.

Kitchen before re-looking

Furthermore, they wanted to freshen the whole place up by using new and classy materials.

Bathroom entrance (before)

In order to meet those requirements, we needed to redesign everything, rearrange it like a Rubik cube. It meant a complete makeover.

Wagner corridor (before)



 (That’s when real work begins and it all gets “dirty”!)

One of the major drawbacks of the space was that the north side of the apartment had just one small kitchen window, which gave it a rather shady look. In order to bring some light to the darker side and unify the space’s look, we completely modified the old apartment layout.

Wagner apartment old layout

We wanted to make the best use of the light, so the ex-kitchen had to swap places with the newly designed bathroom, which we then opened to the new bedroom. This way, we avoided having the bedroom in box (with no light at all) and connected it to the en-suite bathroom, using an artist’s atelier partition glass wall, which gave the space just the kick it needed.

Kitchen Wagner apartment during renovation

That stretch added more energy to the place and smartened it up with its contemporary, warehouse-inspired / industrial-looking design.  The bathroom was equipped with a walk-in shower and tiled with pastel green Bisazza tiles. We installed a new kitchen where the old study cabinet was and demolished a wall to convert the ex-“living room / bedroom” combo into one big, spacious and stylish lounge.

Wagner apartment renovation by Les Studios de Paris

Wagner apartment room (after Les Studios de Paris intervention)

The old squeaky parquet and tiles were taken out, the floor surface was evened and all was replaced with new parquet, exclusively selected to match the original Parisian feel of the place and to unify the air of the whole apartment.

Despite all the significant changes we’ve made, we respected the original vibe of the place and revived its atmosphere as it used to be, blending modern and traditional styles, according to the owners’ brief and needs. As a result, the apartment was totally reinvented, but the end result was striking. We had converted an old-fashioned space into a contemporary, practical and stylish Parisian pied-a-terre.



(Furnishing, decorating, polishing… All that’s left to be done before you can say: “It’s ready!”)

After the whole reconstruction process was over, it was time to furnish and decorate.

Wagner apartment new living-room

We equipped WAGNER with state of the art appliances and vintage furniture. We cleared out the clutter and incorporated as much light as possible in the kitchen in order to keep its look minimalistic but glossy. The Bisazza mosaic-tiled bathroom, the Max Sauze designer lamp and the Sarinnen Danish chairs in the lounge all gave the space a trendy edge.

Wagner apartment new kitchen

The fully-dressed final product was achieved within three and a half months, just before Christmas.

The owners purchased their property for 460 000 euro. After Les Studios de Paris carried out the renovation works, it was valued at 550 000 euro. The rental value and occupancy rate of the WAGNER apartment increased significantly after the renovation.

Wagner apartment new shower

WAGNER was let straight away, as soon as it went on the market. It is now rented out for an excellent return.

New lay-out of Wagner apartment

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